A Guide To Packing and Drop-Shipping Canvas Artwork
A Guide To Packing and Drop-Shipping Canvas Artwork
September 2, 2022
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3 Ways To Package Your High-Quality Art Prints
September 19, 2022

Tips for Starting a Successful Art Print Business

Tips for Starting a Successful Art Print Business

Tips for Starting a Successful Art Print Business

In the past, artists would delve into their passion for creating eye-catching, original artwork under the pretense of handing it over to a gallery owner in hopes of making money. While this is a well-known practice that allows budding artists to make a living from their art, there are many alternatives.

Specifically, starting an art print business is an option that offers the opportunity of making profitable sales off your artwork without having to transfer pieces between hands. With the help of advanced technology, you can make your passion into a full-time career!

Here are a few tips for starting a successful art print business that can assist you.

Find Your Artistic Style

Before selling your artwork through an online shop or website, it helps to find your unique artistic style and niche that sets you apart from other artists.

Focusing on your style can properly convey your creative strengths to collectors searching for your art. You can determine your style by gathering your pieces and selecting the work you’re most proud of.

Determine the Ideal Marketplace

When establishing a business specializing in selling art prints, you’ll want to consider your online marketplace options. There are plenty of platforms available that host artwork from emerging artists worldwide.

Once you establish your marketplace, consider branching out and utilizing multiple online platforms to showcase your work. There could be a possibility that your original pieces don’t perform as well on specific sites, so it helps to diversify your income sources.

Start an E-Commerce Shop

Consider selling artwork from your page if you’re an artist with a website or online portfolio who doesn’t want to utilize third-party involvement.

Your website may generate considerable traffic, so remember to design your portfolio to reflect your artistic vision and highlight the best quality pieces that will help build your brand.

Take Quality Photos of Your Work

Nothing is more disappointing than creating original artwork and not having a suitable, quality photo that you can use to create your prints.

You don’t need the latest and most high-tech camera on the market. However, you’ll want a device that can capture clear images for your archive to avoid using photo-editing software that may distort or alter the image.

Get To Know Social Media

Independent artists worldwide utilize social media in some fashion to advertise their artwork online. With social platforms serving various purposes, it may be easy to locate an existing audience interested in your work.

Consider engaging with people who are familiar with your niche and appreciate your talent across any platforms you’re comfortable with. Share behind-the-scenes info, provide a look into your studio, or chat about the inspiration behind your work in addition to standard self-promotion.

The preconceived notion of solely relying on gallery owners and other entities to sell your original artwork is an outdated thought that can pose an obstacle between you and success. Using these tips can help you start a successful art print business and use your talents to the fullest!

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