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Guide to Submitting Your Artwork for Printing

Submitting your artwork for printing can feel daunting, so we aim to simplify the process at The Stackhouse Printery.

This guide walks you through every step you need to know to properly submit your file for printing, from file preparation and upload to final verification. It provides practical tips and guidelines to ensure your artwork is correctly formatted and ready for our high-quality printing process.

Have your files ready? Check out our product choices at the bottom of this guide.

Image File Basics

  • File Format: Save your artwork digital files as a high-resolution JPEG, TIFF, PNG or PSD. These formats will retain the quality and detail of your artwork best for printing.

  • Resolution: The resolution of your image should be at least 300 pixels per inch. This ensures that your printed artwork will be sharp and clear.

  • Color Profile: Use an RGB color profile for your artwork file and embed the icc profile whenever prompted. While some prefer CMYK for print, our printers are RGB devices and will provide the most accurate color reproduction using this color profile.

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Uploading Your Files

  1. Select a Product: First, choose a product that you would like to order. Visit that product’s product page and select the red order button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the upload page for that product.

  2. Create an Account or Log In: Once at the upload page, create an account or log in if you already have one. This will allow you to save your progress, keep track of your orders, and make the checkout process smoother. This will allow you to save your progress, keep track of your orders, and make the checkout process smoother.

  3. Navigate to the Upload Page: Once logged in, go to the ‘Upload Your Artwork’ section. You’ll see an option to upload your file here.

  4. Select Your File: Click the ‘Browse’ button, navigate to the location of your saved artwork file on your computer, select it, and click ‘Open’. Your file should start uploading.

  5. File Size: Ensure your file size does not exceed the maximum limit specified on the upload page. If your file is too large, you may need to compress it without compromising its quality.

  6. Upload Progress: You’ll see a progress bar while your file is being uploaded. Do not navigate away from the page during this time.

  7. Completion: Once the upload is complete, you can proceed to select your print options and place your order.

Giclee Prints

Uncover your artistic brilliance with our Giclee Fine Art Prints. Meticulous detail and superior vibrancy will capture your artwork’s richness. We use archival inks and fine art paper, to flawlessly replicate your images, making our Giclee Fine Art Prints perfect for artists seeking gallery-quality reproductions.

Photo Prints

Preserve your precious memories and turn fleeting moments into lasting impressions with our high-quality, Giclee Photo Prints. We use advanced technology, archival inks, and pro-grade photographic paper, to bring your memories to life with remarkable clarity and vivid colors.

Gallery Wraps

Enhance your decor or build your art business with our Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Your image will be wrapped around a robust frame, delivering a ready to hang, museum-like finish. Our Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints bring a professional aesthetic to any space, regardless of your decor style.

Canvas Prints

Our Loose Canvas Prints offer you the versatility you crave for framing and displaying your artwork. Printed with archival inks on high-quality canvas, these prints can be framed, stretched, or displayed as is. You can customize your finish with different border options for a truly personalized piece of art.

Mounted Prints

Elevate your art with our Mounted Prints, where every detail matters. Our mounting process enhances durability, ensures longevity, and prepares your prints for display with elegance. Choose from a variety of substrates for a finish that complements your space. Perfect for galleries, gifts, and personal collections.

Clear Bagged Prints

Opt for elegance and protection with our Clear Bagged Prints. Each print is individually encased in a transparent, protective bag, showcasing the beauty of your artwork while safeguarding it from dust, moisture, and handling. Ideal for artists and photographers looking to present their work professionally or for those seeking a ready-to-sell or gift solution.

Retail Ready Prints

Enhance your artwork with our Retail Ready Prints. Each print is packed with a backing board for added rigidity, then slipped into a crystal-clear protective bag. This ensures your artwork remains pristine and protected from environmental factors, and also provides a professional, ready-to-display solution. Ideal for anyone looking for a sale-ready presentation.

Matting Package Prints

Discover the refined elegance of our Matting Package Prints, designed for those who seek a touch of sophistication in their presentation. Each print, produced on our premium fine art or photo papers, is meticulously matted with precision-cut, white-core matboard and backed for added rigidity. Encased in a clear sleeve for protection, these prints are display-ready, ideal for artists, galleries, and thoughtful gifting.