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Mini Prints

Experience the charm of instant film with our Mini Prints, perfect for capturing and sharing your favorite memories. Sized similarly to an instant film camera print, these mini masterpieces are printed on high-quality paper, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether for a photo album, a scrapbook, or a personalized gift, our Mini Prints bring a nostalgic touch to your treasured moments.

  • Acid-free, pH-neutral papers
  • Inkjet-printed with archival pigment inks
  • Available with various border sizes
3 Business Days


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Paper Types

  • Luster
  • Glossy
  • Metallic Glossy
  • Photo Matt Fibre
  • Hot Press Bright
  • Cold Press Bright
  • Photo Rag
  • William Turner
  • Fineart Baryta

Giclee Printing Process

Our Giclee printing technique offers an expansive spectrum of colors, seamless transitions, and vividly detailed color portrayal.

Shipping Options

Average Transit Time

Economy: 5-8 days

Standard: 3-4 days

Express: 1-2 days

Economy International 6-18+ days

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Volume Discounts

Buy More, Save More

  • 10 total: 10% discount
  • 20 total: 20% discount
  • 100 total: 25% discount
Preparing Files for Print

Ensure your work is print-ready by converting it to high-quality JPEGs that include an embedded color profile.

  • When exporting, make sure to use an RGB Color Profile—options such as P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are recommended.
  • For optimal quality, save your JPEGs with a quality setting of 10 or above in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or an equivalent setting in your preferred editing software.
  • Given that most items are printed at 300 DPI, your files will be automatically adjusted for print. However, for more detailed control over the final output, you may choose to manually resize your files and apply any desired sharpening before you submit them.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Perfectly Petite Keepsakes

Mini Prints

Mini prints let you reflect on memories and artwork with a nostalgic feel. These small prints are a creative way to present proofs, give clients gifts, and boost your print sales as an add-on option. The large bottom border provides plenty of space to write names, dates, or fun messages. Use this space to say thank you by using mini prints as an inexpensive and cute tie-on to the top of the package or a throw-in to dropshipping orders and in-person sales.

These Mini Prints are perfect for showcasing your artwork in a charming, compact format. They’re an excellent way to offer your art collectors a unique and memorable piece.

PAPER TYPES A carefully chosen assortment of photo and giclee fine art papers, picked for their unmatched quality.
BORDERS 1/4-inch border with a 1/2-inch bottom weight.
PRINTING 12-Color Giclee Printing.
SIZES 3x3.75".

Explore Our High-Quality Papers

Discover the perfect paper for your prints. Order a free sample set today!

Photo Papers

Luster Photo Paper - The Stackhouse Printery



A favorite among photographers for its ability to capture the essence of every image. Its subtle gloss and texture reduce glare while enhancing color depth and detail.

Luster Finish (orange peel) | 260 gsm | 10 mil | Resin Coated Paper

Glossy Photo Paper - The Stackhouse Printery



Shine bright with our Glossy Photo Paper. Perfect for vibrant photographs, its high-gloss finish amplifies colors and sharpens contrast, making every detail pop.

High Gloss Finish | 250 gsm | 10 mil | Resin Coated Paper

Glossy Metallic Photo Paper - The Stackhouse Printery

Metallic Glossy


Elevate your photos with a unique metallic sheen. This paper adds a dimensional quality, enhancing the vibrancy of colors and giving images a luminous appearance.

High-Gloss Pearlescent Finish | 255 gsm | 10.4 mil | Resin Coated Paper

Photo Matt Fibre Photo Paper - The Stackhouse Printery

Photo Matt Fibre


Embrace the elegance of matte with our Photo Matt Fibre Paper. Ideal for a soft, non-reflective finish, it offers excellent color reproduction and deep blacks, perfect for both color and black-and-white prints.

Natural White Matte Finish | 200 gsm | 11.8 mil | 100% Alpha-Cellulose

Fine Art Papers

Hot Press Bright


A smooth, matte finish and bright white surface define Hot Press Bright, making it perfect for giclee prints that demand color vibrancy and sharp detail. It’s a top pick for artists and photographers alike.

Smooth Matte | 300gsm | 16 mil | 100% Cotton Rag

Cold Press Bright


With its textured finish and bright white tone, Cold Press Bright offers an exceptional base for fine art works requiring depth and intensity. Ideal for reproductions of watercolor paintings and fine detail artwork.

Textured Matte | 305gsm | 19 mil | 100% Cotton Rag

Photo Rag


Combining a velvety matte surface with outstanding color reproduction, Photo Rag is versatile, making it suitable for detailed art and photography. Its 100% cotton base adds a luxurious feel to every print.

Textured Matte | 308 gsm | 18.9 mil | 100% Cotton Fiber

William Turner


William Turner’s distinct texture mimics traditional watercolor paper, adding character and depth to art reproductions. Made from 100% cotton, it provides a unique tactile experience, perfect for high-end artworks.

Textured Matte | 310 gsm | 24.4 mil | 100% Cotton Fiber

FineArt Baryta


Known for its glossy finish and baryta coating, Fine Art Baryta enhances black and color densities, offering high detail sharpness. It’s the go-to choice for high contrast images, black and white photography, and exhibition prints.

Textured Glossy | 325 gsm | 16.14 mil | 100% Alpha Cellulose

Mini Print Prices

Paper Price
Photo Luster $2
Photo Glossy $2
Photo Metallic Glossy $2.25
Photo Photo Matt Fibre $2.25
Fine Art Hot Press Bright $2.25
Fine Art Cold Press Bright $2.25
Fine Art Photo Rag $2.50
Fine Art William Turner $2.50
Fine Art FineArt Baryta $2.50

FAQs About Our Mini Prints

What are Mini Prints?

Mini Prints are small, high-quality prints that capture the nostalgic feel of instant film photos. They are perfect for showcasing memories, presenting proofs, or giving as gifts.

What is the archival value of Mini Prints?

Our Mini Prints are certified archival, maintaining their color and quality for up to 100 years.

What types of events or sessions are Mini Prints ideal for?

Mini Prints are perfect for small artwork, kid sessions, wedding parties, senior pictures, and more, making them versatile for various occasions.

Where are Mini Prints made?

Every Mini Print is printed and packaged by our skilled staff in the Florida Panhandle, proudly made in the USA.

What paper types are available for Mini Prints?

We use a carefully chosen assortment of photo and giclee fine art papers, picked for their unmatched quality, to ensure vibrant colors and sharp details.

What are the dimensions of the borders on Mini Prints?

Each Mini Print is 3x3.75-inches and features a 1/4-inch white border with a 1/2-inch bottom weight, providing plenty of space for writing messages, names, or dates.

What printing process is used for Mini Prints?

Our Mini Prints are produced using 12-color giclee printing, ensuring superior color accuracy and detail.

What is the turnaround time for mini prints?

Our standard turnaround time for fine art prints is 3 business days for printing. Shipping times vary based on your chosen method and location. For specific timelines or rush orders, please contact us directly.

How can Mini Prints be used as an add-on product?

Mini Prints are great for boosting print sales as an add-on option, serving as a creative way to present proofs, give clients gifts, or as a tie-on to packages and dropship orders.

Can Mini Prints be used to showcase artwork?

Absolutely! Mini Prints are perfect for showcasing artwork in a charming, compact format, offering art collectors a unique and memorable piece.