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Giclee Printing, Crafted with Precision

Experience the vibrant colors and intricate details of our professional Giclee printing.

Our Passion

Giclee Printing for Artists and Photographers

In the heart of artistry and craftsmanship lies The Stackhouse Printery, a sanctuary for creators seeking unparalleled precision in print. We are more than just a print shop; we're curators of memories, detail, and passion. From the rich vibrancy of our fine art prints to the intricate textures of our canvas works, every piece that emerges from our print shop reflects a commitment to excellence. Whether you're an artist aiming to reproduce your masterpiece or a patron desiring the finest print quality, our prints will exceed your expectations.

The Stackhouse Printery - where every pixel tells a story.

Featured Giclee Products

Fine Art Prints

With unmatched color and detail, fine art prints are the choice for artists and photographers seeking gallery-standard reproductions.

  • 5 Fine Art Papers
  • 3 Different Border Options

Photo Prints

Transform your cherished memories into vibrant, long-lasting photo prints, perfect for home decor, gifting, or even portfolio creation.

  • 4 Photo Papers
  • 3 Different Border Options

Gallery Wraps

Gallery wrapped canvas prints offer your art or photos a professional presentation with a classic, ready to hang, gallery-style aesthetic.

  • Matte Canvas or Satin Canvas
  • .75-Inch or 1.5-Inch

What Our Customers Say

I cannot say enough great things about my experience with The Stackhouse. My print and canvas turned out better than I could ever expect. Not only is the work they do fantastic, the customer service from Chris is exceptional. Lastly, the packaging for my large Giclee print and the wrapped canvas was amazing. Thank you!!
Adam Laatsch - Google, 2023
As an artist, I strive to find quality printing for a good price without compromising the integrity of the art, and they truly made some beautiful prints. That would have been enough to make it a worthwhile buy, but the fact that they went above and beyond to make this event the best it could be made The Stackhouse the only place I will ever buy prints from again. Thank you guys so much, truly, youll be hearing from me in the near future for many more orders!
Megan Krizovensky - Google, 2023
Price to quality ratio is insane. I would rate them 5/5 solely based on the care they take with packaging. My print arrived in record time. (I think between the date I placed the order and receiving the item was literally only 6 business days). The quality of the print is fantastic. I can't wait to have it framed on my wall! I will eagerly be ordering from The Stackhouse again in the near future!
Leslie D. - Google, 2023
I just received my prints and I am sooooo happy with the results. The quality is amazing, the colors, the paper, the packaging, everything is on point! Incredibly fast too! I was so anxious cause it's my artwork and I wanted it to look perfect, and I am not disappointed! I am definitely gonna order all my prints from them from now on. I am impressed!
Karine D - Google, 2022
I have been looking for a shop to make high quality art replica prints and it’s safe to say that I’ve found my forever shop! I had six prints in total made ranging from 8x10 to 24x36 inches. The online ordering was the easiest of the multiple shops I priced my prints at, and for high quality prints on high quality paper, the price was the cheapest of any mass printing or popular print shop.
Elizabeth Szkirpan - Google, 2022
All I can say is. WOW! When I opened up my print last night I couldn't imagine it looking any better. This was the first time I ever purchased anything from Stackhouse and def not the last. I had taken a photo of my painting, edited it slightly in photoshop and sent it to them in hope that it wouldn't be blurry. It was spectacular, colors were bright, lines were crisp and clear, honestly I would say it looks better than my actual painting.
Alexia Merlo - Google, 2021
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