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Easy Guide to Perfect Prints: Choose the Right File Requirements & Sizes - The Stackhouse Printery

Easy Guide to Perfect Prints: Choose the Right File Requirements & Sizes

Lights, camera, print! Let’s make sure your precious memories shine bright on any print size you choose. Here’s a simple guide to selecting the right file requirements and sizes to make your pictures come alive.

What Do You Need to Know?

Before we jump in, let’s brush up on some important terms that will help you understand the chart better:

  1. Print Size: The dimensions of the actual printed image.
  2. PPI (Pixels Per Inch): The number of pixels in an inch of the image. The more pixels, the sharper your picture!
  3. Pixel Dimension: This is the total pixel count in your image. It’s like the DNA of your image’s resolution.

Understanding Image Resolution

File Requirements & Sizes

Let’s check out the magic numbers that will help your memories look their best on print. Here’s an easy-to-follow chart:

Print Size (inches) Minimum Pixels (150ppi) Preferred Pixels (300ppi)
4×4 600×600 1200×1200
5×7 750×1050 1500×2100
8×10 1200×1500 2400×3000
11×14 1650×2100 3300×4200
16×20 2400×3000 4800×6000
20×24 3000×3600 6000×7200
24×36 3600×5400 7200×10800
30×40 4500×6000 9000×12000
40×60 6000×9000 12000×18000

Make Your Images Sing!

Remember, the RGB color mode and the Adobe RGB color profile should be your go-to choices. Also, JPEG is your friend. It’s easy to use, compatible with our system, and gets the job done. Just a heads-up – JPEG does compromise on some image quality during compression, so always keep an uncompressed version handy.

Making the Most of Your JPEG Files

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