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How To Choose Between Canvas and Framed Prints
May 15, 2023
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May 26, 2023

5 Reasons Matte Finish Is Great for Art Prints

5 Reasons Matte Finish Is Great for Art Prints

When ordering art prints for your personal displays or business needs, there are many choices to make. Not only do you need to select the print type and size, but you’ll also need to consider the detailed elements, such as finishes. To help you make an educated choice, here are five reasons matte finishes are great for art prints.

Matte Finishes Reduce Glare

Glossy papers and finishes tend to create a glare effect, especially when you frame these types of prints behind glass inserts. The glossy paper and glass each catch light at certain angles, which can make the print more difficult to view. On the other hand, matte prints don’t catch the light the same way glossy paper does, which helps reduce the glare effect when displaying and framing them. With matte finishes, you can confidently display your prints in areas with dramatic lighting, such as galleries.

Matte Prints Have a Unique Aesthetic

Matte prints have a unique aesthetic compared to other types of prints. Matte paper isn’t completely smooth like glossy paper and finishes. Matte paper and finishes have a small amount of tooth and texture, which helps minimize the print’s reflectivity and provides a unique visual element to your art prints.

Matte Finishes Show More Detail

Thanks to the lack of glare, matte prints often show more detail than glossy prints. Matte paper and finishes are ideal for showing more of the minute details of your art piece or photograph. Your audience will notice more of the details in your pieces at a glance, making matte prints an excellent choice for applications from professional galleries to the entryway in your home.

Matte Finishes Distinguish Colors

It can be difficult to distinguish the differences between dark colors in glossy prints due to their tendency to reflect light, although this isn’t as noticeable with brighter prints and images. Matte prints help solve this issue with their anti-glare finish. Without the glare factor to worry about, you can confidently display your dark-toned prints with matte finishes.

Matte Prints Are More Durable

Another benefit of selecting matte finishes over glossy finishes is the added durability. Photographs with glossy finishes are easier to scratch and are notorious for collecting dust and fingerprints. Glossy paper also tends to stick to the glass inserts of frames, which can damage the image. On the other hand, matte finishes provide extra durability and make scratches and fingerprints less noticeable.

These are just some of the features that make matte finishes ideal for art prints. Now that you know the benefits of choosing matte finishes, order a few matte prints to see the difference for yourself. If you’re looking for an archival printing service that offers various finishes—including matte prints—visit The Stackhouse. We offer a wide variety of high-quality giclee printing materials to help you create the best prints for your needs.