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Welcome to The Stackhouse Printery blog!

Whether you're an artist, a photographer, or simply an art enthusiast, this is your go-to resource for all things related to high-quality printing. We're passionate about delivering the best in Giclee printing and other bespoke printing solutions, and we're eager to share our knowledge with you.

Here, you'll find in-depth articles, how-to guides, tips, and much more, all designed to help you understand the nuances of art reproduction. We're excited to engage with our community, and we hope you find the insights and advice you're looking for to elevate your work.

Stay tuned for regular updates, and happy printing!

How To Create High-Quality Canvas Prints That Sell - The Stackhouse Printery

How To Create and Sell High-Quality Canvas Prints

Creating high-quality canvas prints that sell involves a combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and effective marketing strategies. Here we explore strategies from our team to help you sell your prints.
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Art Printing vs. Canvas Printing: What’s the Difference?

Art Printing vs. Canvas Printing - What’s the Difference?

Making the best choice between fine art and canvas prints depends on the intended display location, the desired visual effect, and the level of durability required. Each method has its own merits and can beautifully showcase artwork or photographs in its unique way.
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What Is Archival Pigment Ink & Why Is It Better? The Stackhouse Printery

What Is Archival Pigment Ink & Why Is It Better?

Archival pigment ink is commonly used in inkjet printers to create fine art prints and photographs because it produces long-lasting, high-quality prints with exceptional color stability and a strong resistance to fading.
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When To Use Satin vs. Matte Finish for Canvas Prints

When To Use Satin vs. Matte Finish for Canvas Prints

We offer two finish choices for our Canvas Prints. Choosing the right one for your work will depend on your preferences as well as your art's intended use. Both choices offer unique advantages, each with distinct characteristics that may enhance or alter your artwork.

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Why You Should Make Prints of Your Original Art

Why You Should Make Prints of Your Original Art

There are many good reasons to print your original fine art and photographs. It preserves your work from permanent loss, builds a portfolio, attracts more clients and helps you build community with your fanbase.
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Preparing For Your First Art Show - The Stackhouse Printery

Preparing For Your First Art Show or Exhibit

It is daunting for first-time exhibitors to decide which pieces to exhibit, how to transport their art and take care of so many details. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, but with proper planning and consideration, you can make your first show a rewarding experience.
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How to Use Canvas Stretcher Bars & Crossbars - The Stackhouse Printery

How to Use Canvas Stretcher Bars & Crossbars

Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints on stretcher bars are one of the most popular choices for displaying art among professional artists, gallery owners and decorators. Stretched and mounted canvas looks professional without the added expenses of more traditional approaches to framing.
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The Best Media For Printing Photos - The Stackhouse Printery

What Media is Best For Printing Photos?

Different photo media materials add unique textures, finishes, and varying overall aesthetic quality to your prints, therefore, understanding these materials and their potential impact on your artwork is pivotable to achieving your desired outcome.

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Giclee Canvas Prints Are More Valuable - The Stackhouse Printery

Why Giclee Prints Are More Valuable

It is common for to be surprised by, or fail to understand the value of fine art prints produced using Giclee printing technology. Let us help you gain a clearer understanding of what sets Giclee canvas prints apart and makes them so highly favored.

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How To Photograph Artwork For Printing - The Stackhouse Printery

How To Photograph Artwork For Printing

High-quality photos enable you to create stunning fine art prints. Learning how to photography your artwork, will help you impress important clients and gallery directors, get accepted to shows, and create prints that customers will love.
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Why Print Your Photos on Canvas? The Stackhouse Printery

Why Print Your Photos on Canvas?

Printing photos on canvas is a great way to display your favorite photos because it is more durable, has an interesting aesthetic, doesn't need a frame, and can be printed in larger and custom sizes.
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How to Choose the Perfect Frame For Your Art - The Stackhouse Printery

How to Choose the Perfect Frame For Your Art

Choosing the perfect frame for your art can significantly impact how it is perceived and appreciated. We hope that these tips from our Stackhouse team helps you choose a frame that beautifully complements your work.
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