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5 Reasons Matte Finish Is Great for Art Prints

5 Reasons Matte Finish Is Great for Art Prints

Choosing the right finish for your art prints can significantly enhance their visual appeal and durability. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, photographer, or a fan of art looking to display your favorite pieces, considering the paper finish is crucial. Among various options available, matte finishes stand out for their unique advantages. Here are five compelling reasons to choose matte finishes for your art prints.

Matte Finishes Reduce Glare

Unlike glossy finishes, which often reflect light, creating a glare that can hinder viewing, matte finishes dramatically reduce this effect. The reduced glare makes matte prints suitable for display in well-lit spaces, such as art galleries or brightly lit rooms, ensuring your artwork can be admired without light interference.

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Matte Prints Have a Unique Aesthetic

Matte prints offer a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from glossy or semi-glossy options. Their slightly textured surface lends a sophisticated, tactile element to the artwork, enriching the viewer’s visual experience. This textural quality can add depth and an intriguing touch to your art prints.

Matte Finishes Emphasize Texture

The non-reflective property of matte prints not only minimizes glare but also enhances the perception of texture in an artwork. Matte finishes can make the textures in a photograph or art piece appear more prominent and tangible, bringing out the intricate details and emphasizing the craftsmanship in the work.

Matte Finishes Distinguish Colors

With a matte finish, differentiating between dark tones becomes easier. Glossy prints often reflect light in a way that can blur the distinction between dark colors, especially in brightly lit settings. With matte prints, however, every tone and shade stands out clearly, allowing for a deeper, richer viewing experience.

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Matte Prints Are More Durable

Matte finishes also score high on durability. Unlike glossy prints, which can easily accumulate dust, fingerprints, and are prone to scratching, matte prints are resistant to these issues. Additionally, unlike glossy prints that may stick to glass frames and risk damage, matte prints are more robust and less likely to be affected, ensuring your art remains in top condition. Learn how to care for your art print here.

These are just some of the features that make matte finishes ideal for art prints. Now that you know the benefits of choosing matte finishes, order a few matte prints to see the difference for yourself. If you’re looking for an archival printing service that offers various finishes—including matte prints—visit The Stackhouse. We offer a wide variety of high-quality giclee printing materials to help you create the best prints for your needs.