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How To Choose Between Canvas and Framed Prints - The Stackhouse Printery

How To Choose Between Canvas and Framed Prints

Selecting the ideal print type for your art display can be challenging with so many options at your disposal. Two prevalent contenders are canvas prints and framed prints. Both possess distinct aesthetics, making the choice quite a pickle. To help you navigate this decision, we’ve compiled a comparative guide on canvas versus framed prints.

Canvas Prints: The Pros

Canvas shines as a durable print material, boasting impressive resistance against wear and tear. This equates to long-lasting prints that don’t easily fade, tear, or bleed. Further, the water resistance of canvas makes it ideal for high humidity areas like bathrooms or humid climates.

The textured surface of canvas prints adds depth to your artwork or photograph and minimizes glare. These frameless prints are significantly lighter than framed photos, easing the hanging and transportation process. With the right printing service, you can create large-scale custom canvas boards for a breathtaking focal wall. Plus, the lightweight nature of canvas allows for effortless decor updates.

Canvas Prints: The Cons

However, canvas prints aren’t entirely immune to damage. Though robust, canvas surfaces can tear and scratch. Consider hanging your canvas prints high on the wall or above furniture to prevent accidental damage.

Framed Prints: The Pros

If your aesthetic leans more towards the traditional, framed prints might be up your alley. You can choose frames to match your interior design choices. While framed prints might not offer as much size variation as canvas prints, frames come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. You can create an eclectic wall collage with several smaller frames.

Depending on the type of print paper you opt for, framed prints can capture advanced detail. For example, with fine art paper prints, you won’t lose details if you use a high-resolution image and size your print appropriately.

Framed Prints: The Cons

Framed prints also come with a few caveats. Glares from even streak-free glass frames can distract from the framed image. The larger your framed prints, the heavier and bulkier they become, limiting placement options. Also, sourcing frames in certain sizes can prove difficult, potentially leading to additional expenses for custom frames.

Canvas or Framed Prints: Making the Choice

Aside from weighing the pros and cons, consider the environment where you’ll hang your prints and the design aesthetic you wish to achieve. If you’re aiming for a minimalist look, canvas prints are an excellent choice. For a more traditional style featuring family photos, glossy photo prints in matching frames are timeless classics.

Can’t decide? A specialty frame for a canvas print could provide the perfect compromise.

The Stackhouse: Your Source for Quality Prints

Regardless of your choice, The Stackhouse is your go-to source for a wide variety of print materials, including canvas prints and fine art prints. Our gallery-wrapped canvas prints are ready to hang, while fine art pieces or photographs are perfect for framing. Whether you’re selling art, displaying in galleries, or decorating your home, our custom giclee canvas printing offers high-quality, professional prints.

Remember, the choice between canvas and framed prints ultimately depends on your personal aesthetic preferences and the existing design choices in your home. Explore our extensive selection of custom printing options at The Stackhouse to find the giclee print that resonates with your style.