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What Are the Different Canvas Wrap Options Available?

What Are the Different Canvas Wrap Options Available?

When ordering a gallery wrapped canvas, you can customize your print. For example, you’ll choose how the canvas wraps around the frame, as it can vastly change the print’s appearance. Here are some different canvas wrap options available when you custom order one of these prints.

Solid-Print Border Wrap

Solid-print border wraps are some of the most common options for gallery wrapped canvas prints. These borders come in neutral colors such as black or white. However, some services allow you to select custom colors to fill your canvas’s edges. For example, you could select a prominent color from your image to promote a more cohesive appearance from every angle of the canvas.

Mirrored Edge Wrap

Mirrored edge wrapping is another popular option for wrapped canvas prints. Mirrored edge wraps are ideal for portraits and detailed images with elements near the edges of the piece. The mirrored edge wrap contains your full image to the front of the print, then mirrors a few inches of the image for the borders of the print. This creates a more cohesive image and continues the same colors, tones, and brightness from certain parts of your image along the sides of the canvas. If you’re looking for a border that provides more detail than a solid-print border, consider choosing the mirrored edge wrap.

Stretched Edge/Image Wrap

The third most common style for canvas wrapping is the stretched-edge wrap. This style involves stretching several inches of the image over the frame. While this option provides a continuous image on all sides of the canvas frame, it also crops several inches of your canvas. This option is best suited for broad landscape images and prints that don’t contain intricate details near the edges. Crop and resize your image carefully before choosing the stretched edge option to avoid losing any key details in your image.

Now that you know the different types of canvas wrap options available for your custom print, you can choose a style that best suits your piece. At The Stackhouse, we offer custom solid-color borders and mirrored edge wraps to promote cohesive designs that don’t require any complex sizing or cropping. Learn more about our custom gallery wrapped canvas printing services today to start your own custom canvas order.