The Benefits of Canvas Foam Board Printing
The Benefits of Canvas Foam Board Mounting
January 4, 2023
What To Know About Large-Format Printing
What To Know About Large-Format Printing
January 18, 2023

How To Choose the Best Border Option

Loose paper and canvas prints can have a variety of uses. How a print is being finished or displayed can help determine the amount of extra paper or canvas that you might need as a border. The Stackhouse has a variety of border options to help accommodate these needs.

Loose Paper Prints

You can purchase loose paper prints with three different trim options. These trim options do not affect the size of your image but instead change the amount of extra paper border left around your image. See the infographic below.

Trim to Size (Borderless) – Ideal for when overall size is important, such as framing or packaging. For example, you have 8 by 10 frames that only fit an 8 by 10 print.

Quarter Inch Trim -Ideal for when a little extra paper is needed for handling/presenting. For example, matting and mounting an 8 x 10 is a little easier when there is a quarter inch of paper to handle.

One Inch Trim – Ideal for when paper the paper is being used for part of the print. For example, in a limited edition series some artists will sign, title, and number each print of the edition at the bottom underneath the image to add to the overall presentation of the reproduction.

Loose Canvas Prints