How To Prepare for Your First Art Show or Exhibit
How To Prepare for Your First Art Show or Exhibit
May 11, 2022
When you spend so much time and effort creating the piece of art you see in your mind’s eye, it’s understandable that you want others to see it the same way you always have. This also goes for creating canvas prints of your art. Some artists might get nervous creating prints of their work, as they worry that a certain amount of the original piece will be lost in the recreation. However, with the right printer and the right finish, canvas prints can look extremely similar to the original piece. In this article, we’ll talk about when to use a satin or matte finish for canvas prints and how each finish can affect the way people perceive your art. Why Your Finish Matters If you’ve never created canvas prints of your work before, you might wonder why something that seems so small would warrant so much forethought. The truth is that a print’s finish is the filter through which the rest of your piece is seen. Choosing a finish that doesn’t complement the work you’ve already done can lead to your prints looking very different than the original. You can lose a lot of the texture and feel of the original piece if you aren’t careful. Matte and satin finishes help preserve the original piece’s feel in different ways. Why You Should Choose a Satin Finish When trying to decide whether to use a satin or matte finish for your canvas prints, you may want to consider the medium you’ve used for the original piece. Satin finishes can give the canvas print a more authentic looking sheen, especially if your original medium was oil paints. They can also help bring out the texture of a piece, allowing vibrant colors to really pop out from the print compared to tones that are less vibrant. Photographers can also use a satin finish to create a more lifelike look to the subject in their prints. Why You Should Choose a Matte Finish If contrasting colors are an integral part of your piece, you may want to consider a matte finish. The glossiness of a satin finish can sometimes tie contrasting colors together too much, making them more homogenous. Matte finishes are also useful for preserving darker colors, as they don’t allow light to glint off areas of the piece that you intentionally made dark. Many artists like to use a matte finish for prints that will be displayed in galleries where the lighting is rather intense. The matte finish prevents the harsh lighting from blotting out sections of the piece depending on where the viewer is standing. For custom gallery wrapped canvas printing with your choice of finish, consult The Stackhouse; we can create prints for you that you’ll be proud to show off. We give you plenty of options to ensure you get exactly the prints you’re looking for.
When To Use Satin vs. Matte Finish for Canvas Prints
July 12, 2022
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Why You Should Produce Prints of Your Artwork

Why You Should Produce Prints of Your Artwork

Why You Should Produce Prints of Your Artwork

Finishing a piece of artwork should feel satisfying, and as an artist trying to make a living with your work, it can be comforting to have something that you can sell. After your piece is finished, you might consider producing art prints of it rather than immediately selling the original. Why should you produce prints of your artwork? We’ll go through a few of the reasons why prints are the next best step to take after finishing a piece.

Improve Your Physical Portfolio

While plenty of artists have online portfolios now, you shouldn’t discount the importance of a physical portfolio as well. Physical portfolios allow you to control how the viewer gets to see your piece, whereas online portfolios are subject to the settings of the viewer’s device that they’re using to look at it. Larger pieces that don’t fit in a physical portfolio are much easier to include when you produce a print of it in a smaller size instead.

Wider Audience Reach

One of the biggest reasons you should produce prints of your artwork is to allow your work the ability to reach a wider audience. The original artwork can only be in one place at a time, and larger pieces aren’t always easy to move around. Producing high-quality prints as an alternative allows you to easily reach more people who can view your artwork without having to move the original and put it at risk.

More Copies To Sell

At the end of the day, selling your artwork is how you pay the bills, so it makes sense to consider the best way to do that. Selling the original piece is a one-time deal that might not be enough to sustain you. Creating prints of your artwork allows you to have a more extensive stock of products you can sell to a more significant number of buyers. Plenty of artists make their living by creating prints of their artwork that can be created and distributed much more quickly.

Adjustable Sizes for Different Clients

Larger pieces are gorgeous to behold, to be sure, but they certainly make it more difficult to find a client who can purchase them. Creating prints of your finished artwork allows you to control the size of the prints without giving up the quality of the original.

The Stackhouse specializes in fine art printing that focuses on preserving the quality of your original artwork. If you need prints of your artwork, you won’t find a better place to create those prints than right here!