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Why You Should Make Prints of Your Original Art

Why You Should Make Prints of Your Original Art

As an artist, completing a piece of work is a very rewarding experience and having a buyer for that piece is an incredible feeling.

Nonetheless sometimes reproducing your art with prints is more advantageous than immediately selling the original.

This post explores why producing prints of your artwork can be a wise decision.

Print Your Art for Preservation and Backup

When you print your original artwork, you preserve it in a physical format which serves as a backup in case the original gets damaged or lost. 

With photography, digital files are prone to corruption, so having a physical print guarantees the longevity of your work.

Printing Your Art Improves Your Physical Portfolio

Many artists showcase their work through online portfolios, but having a physical portfolio also has many benefits. A physical portfolio gives you full control over how your artwork is presented to the viewer while online portfolios are impacted by the the user's device. For instance, your art might look fabulous on a desktop computer while the details are lost on a smaller sized screen.

If you have pieces too large for a physical portfolio, you can still showcase them by producing them in smaller prints.

Printing Your Art Helps You Reach a Wider Audience 

Printing your art is a fantastic way to expose your artwork to a larger audience. The original painting can only exist in one location, and transporting larger pieces can be difficult. Creating high-quality prints allows you to display your work to more people without damaging the original.

Prints can also serve as powerful promotional tools for your art. Smaller, more economical versions of your art make fantastic souvenirs for attendees of exhibitions or art shows, helping to keep your work in their minds. Handing out small printed pieces of your art, out or selling them at events, art fairs, or galleries can generate excitement and draw attention to your work, resulting in greater visibility and potential opportunities.

Moreover, not everyone can afford original artwork, so prints make your art more economically accessible.

Printing Your Art Gives You More Copies To Sell

As an artist who depends on selling your artwork to earn a livelihood, it is essential to have a well-planned business strategy.

Although selling the original artwork can provide immediate income, it may not be enough to sustain yourself economically. Fortunately, creating prints of your artwork is an excellent way to increase the inventory you have available for sale and therefore enables you to reach a larger audience.

By producing multiple prints from a single artwork, you can expand your customer base and generate a consistent income stream. Many artists use prints to support their livelihood because it is faster and more efficient than solely selling original pieces.

Art Prints Provide Adjustable Sizes for Different Clients

While larger artwork may be visually stunning, their size makes them challenging to sell. Few people have walls large enough for huge pieces of art.

With prints, you can experiment with various print sizes, formats, and materials to cater to different preferences and budgets. This flexibility allows you to offer your art to a broader range of customers.

Creating prints of your finished artwork enables you to maintain the original's quality while adjusting the size to suit market demand. This makes it easier to find potential clients interested in purchasing your work.

Prints make great gifts for friends, family, or patrons who appreciate your art but might not be able to own the original. 

Printing Your Art Helps You Build a Fanbase & Brand

Printing and selling your art can help you establish a distinctive style and artistic brand. Consistent branding across prints, social media, and other platforms can help build recognition and a dedicated following.

Making prints available to fans and collectors can foster a sense of community and create a connection between you and your audience, as they can own a piece of your work and feel more engaged with your artistic journey.

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