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When To Use Satin vs. Matte Finish for Canvas Prints - The Stackhouse Printery

When To Use Satin vs. Matte Finish for Canvas Prints

The finish you choose is a game-changer when it comes to turning your artwork into a striking canvas print.

It's not just a minor detail; it's the prism through which your art will be viewed and experienced. The right finish on a canvas print will uphold the essence of your original piece, while a mismatch may compromise your intended texture and overall feel. 

At The Stackhouse Printery we offer two finish choices for our Canvas Prints - satin or matte. Choosing the right one for your work will depend on your preferences as well as your art's intended use.

Both matte and satin finishes offer unique advantages, each with distinct characteristics that may enhance or alter the appearance of your printed art.

Key Benefits of a Satin Finish for Canvas Fine Art Prints

Satin finishes have a soft, smooth, semi-glossy surface with a slightly reflective quality, that adds a subtle sheen to the colors and details of your image. It adds a touch of authentic glossiness to a canvas print.

This is why satin finishes are particularly well-suited to artwork created with oil paints, as it highlights the arts surface texture and enables vibrant colors to shine through against muted tones.

Satin is also ideal for vibrant and colorful images as it makes the colors appear more vivid and dynamic.

A Satin finish is well suited to high-contrast photographs as it effectively brings out highlights and details. Photographers commonly choose satin finishes because they feel it adds a certain flair to their prints.

Finally if the your canvas print will be displayed in an area with moderate to low ambient light, a satin finish will provide better visibility in dim conditions.

Key Benefits of a Matte Finish for Canvas Fine Art Prints

Matte finishes offer a more subdued appearance than satin, with a velvety texture that adds a sophisticated and timeless feel to your print.

Matte finishes are non-reflective and have a smooth surface that reduces glare and light reflections. These characteristic preserve darker hues, by minimizing light reflection off the darker parts of the artwork.

This quality makes matte finishes a good choice for prints displayed in a brightly lit areas or any place where there might be glare. Matte finishes are also a popular choice for large format prints or images intended to be viewed up close.

A matte finish might also be your ideal choice if you would like to subtly merge contrasting colors, to create a more homogenized appearance, particularly in images with many different tones and subtle details. This is why matte finishes are often the first choice for black and white photographs.

A matte finish are also often favored for gallery displays due to its resistance to intense lighting, ensuring that no detail of the artwork gets overlooked due to bright light.

At The Stackhouse Printery, we offer personalized gallery-wrapped canvas printing, allowing you to choose the finish that best suits your work. We’re dedicated to creating prints you’ll be thrilled to display, and offer free samples of our media to help you match your exact vision.