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How To Get Started Selling Artwork Online - The Stackhouse Printery

How To Get Started Selling Artwork Online

Selling your art online can seem like a far-off goal, but the hardest part of the entire process is simply getting started. If you want to start selling your artwork online but aren’t sure how, keep reading to gain some insight and learn the first steps you should take. You’ll discover what you need to start your own online art business, how to build your online presence and brand, and more.

Create an Art Website

To sell your works of art online, you need to start by cultivating an audience. Most importantly, you need a place to display your work in order for people to gain interest. Consider making an art website where you can curate your portfolio, establish your name, and offer contact and commission information. Your personal art website could also function as your online storefront, depending on how and where you want to sell your art online.

Getting started with an art website is easy and cost-effective. All you need to do is purchase a domain name—ideally your own name or established brand name—and use a website builder like Squarespace or Wix to format your site. From there, you can post your own art gallery, link to your social media accounts, and connect to even more online resources.

Learn How To Photograph and Scan Your Art

Learning to photograph and scan your art is crucial for displaying your work in an online space. Modern smartphones have excellent cameras for photographing your art for social media; however, you may want to upgrade to a professional-quality camera if you’re planning to print reproductions or photographs of your work. It also helps to familiarize yourself with common lighting tips and techniques, such as using natural light and multiple light sources while photographing.

Once you’re able to capture photos of your art, you can upload them to your online portfolio, build up your art website, and more. Sharing your photos on social media can help promote your art and increase your audience. You’ll also have clear and crisp photos ready for printing if you choose.

Decide How You Want To Sell Your Art

To sell art online, you must have pieces available for purchase. You’ll need to choose whether you want to sell your original work, reproductions and prints of those pieces, or both.

If you choose to sell originals, remember to take photographs of your pieces in case you ever want to sell prints of them in the future. Also, try not to price your originals too low—consider the number of hours that went into making the piece, as well as the cost of materials and supplies.

Choose the pieces you think will resonate the most with your audience and may have the best reception when you’re ready to begin selling.

Choose a Printer for Your Art

You may choose to sell reproductions of your artwork instead of the original paintings or photographs. If this is the case, you’ll need to find a printing service offering high-quality prints that will reflect the quality of your original work. Look for an art printing service that offers large-format compatibility so you can customize your print sizes. Another printing factor to consider is the use of high-quality printers and technology, such as giclee printing techniques. For example, the Stackhouse offers both large-format sizing and quality giclee printing to really bring out the colors and details of your pieces.

Settle on Where To Sell Online

Once you decide on the type of art you want to sell and obtain your products, it’s time to put them up for sale online. If you already have an art website for portfolio and linking purposes, you can easily connect it with a merchant platform like Shopify or another online selling service. There are also art-centric selling sites, such as Etsy, online galleries, or even Amazon for fine art. Remember to price your pieces and prints competitively, but within your audience’s price range.

Pick Optimal Packaging for Shipping

Whether you choose to sell the original versions or prints of your art, you’ll need to know how to ship them to your future buyers. The most important thing to remember when shipping art is to protect the piece thoroughly, especially when sending items like canvases.

You can use cardboard backing in your print envelope sleeves and mark them with stickers labeled “do not bend” to ensure your prints stay flat during transit. When shipping larger items, such as foam boards and canvases, use a combination of bubble wrap and soft packing materials to prevent dents, scratches, and other damage.

Build Your Brand as an Artist

One of the biggest initial challenges an online artist can face is building their brand so they can find customers who want to purchase their work. Art communities and social media platforms are essential for sharing your art and building an audience, especially when you’re just getting started.

You may also want to consider signing up for in-person galleries, art shows, and markets. While these events will primarily involve in-person sales, they can also help you actively build your audience and encourage more people to seek out your online art presence. Prepare business cards with your contact information, social media handles, portfolio links, and any other information people can use to find your art.

Get Started

Now that you know the major steps involved with selling your art online, the overall process might seem a bit intimidating. Start with a few simple projects to secure your products, such as choosing which pieces to sell and ordering reproductions. Here at The Stackhouse, we offer high-quality printing services for all kinds of online artists. Whether you’re looking for fine art prints or gallery-wrapped canvases, we offer premium giclee printing techniques to produce the best pieces possible.

This guide covering how to start selling your art online will help you navigate the complex online art world. With the right preparation and planning, anyone can follow their passion and start selling their art online—including you. The Stackhouse is here to provide high-quality reproductions of your work so you can start selling online as soon as you’re ready.


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