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Things To Consider When Printing on Foam Canvas Boards - The Stackhouse Printery

Things To Consider When Printing on Foam Canvas Boards

When choosing a printing method and material for your art business, you’ll find there are many options to choose from. If you’re not already familiar with foam board printing, it can be a unique option for creating art replicas. Here are some things to know and consider when ordering foam canvas board prints.

Canvas and Foam Board Properties

Foam canvas boards provide the texture and style of a canvas print with the lightweight properties of a foam board. If you’re looking for a sturdy print that is slightly thicker than unstretched canvas, then a canvas foam board is your winner. It uses giclee printing to create a gorgeous canvas print, which we adhere to a foam board for sturdiness. These prints are typically less bulky than a wrapped canvas print, and the foam provides a lightweight option for framing and presentation.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Canvas prints are much more durable than traditional printing options, but wrapped prints can be difficult to maneuver, especially when hanging something alone. Fortunately, a foam board under a canvas print makes it much easier to work with if you’re looking for a lightweight option. You still have plenty of sizing options for foam boards, as they can be cut to the size of the print. Foam board is durable, but can be dented and dinged if handled too aggressively. For even more rigidity and durability try Gatorfoam Canvas Boards. The epoxy coated surface and black color give your canvas prints a professional look.

Foam Board and the Elements

Be cautious when transporting foam boards, and carefully choose where you want to hang them. While lightweight and durable for some applications, they can still take damage from elements such as water and sunlight. In fact, avoid displaying foam boards in areas with high humidity, such as your bathroom. Prolonged water exposure can cause the foam materials to warp, discolor, and eventually break down. However, if they avoid direct contact with water or sunlight, they will display beautifully for a long time.

Foam canvas boards are unique options for any artist who wants to order replicas of their work. Remember these things to consider when printing on foam canvas boards to make sure this material is the best choice for your pieces. If you’re looking for custom foam board printing for your art show or gallery, trust our services at The Stackhouse. We offer high-quality giclee printing for canvas, photos, fine art, and so much more.

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