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When To Use Stretched vs. Unstretched Canvas Prints

When To Use Stretched vs. Unstretched Canvas Prints

The style of canvas you select for prints can greatly influence the look and feel of your artwork. This article aims to help you understand the differences between stretched and unstretched canvas prints and guide you on when to use each. Additionally, The Stackhouse provides a variety of print options suitable for different needs.

What are Stretched Canvas Prints?

Stretched canvas prints, also known as wrapped prints, are loose prints stretched over a wooden frame. The craftsperson wraps the canvas around the frame and secures it by stapling the material to the wooden bars. They are ready to hang as they are, with no need for additional framing or finishes, although optional frames are available for added protection.

Stretched canvas prints are ideal for those seeking ready-to-display artwork. Museums and galleries often favor this style, which contributes to the professional and finished appearance of these prints.

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The Right Time to Use Stretched Canvas Prints

Opt for stretched canvas prints when you want a ready-to-display artwork piece. They are perfect for a more professional look and are often preferred by galleries and museums. The term "gallery-wrapped prints" originates from this preference.

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What are Unstretched Canvas Prints?

Unstretched canvas prints refer to the loose canvas material with the design printed on the front. Unlike wrapped prints, they don’t include stretcher bars or frame backing. This type makes for a more affordable option if you're working with a budget. Keep in mind that you will need to stretch the material yourself or find a suitable frame before displaying these reproductions.

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The Right Time to Use Unstretched Canvas Prints

Unstretched canvas prints are ideal when you want to modify or embellish the prints for a special finishing process. They are a cost-effective choice and offer flexibility for personal customization.

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Choosing Between Stretched and Unstretched Canvas Prints

The choice between stretched and unstretched canvas prints primarily depends on personal preference and the intended finishing process. If you’re planning to sell prints of your artwork, choose the format that best enhances your art.

Regardless of your choice, canvas is a great material for artists who appreciate working on textured surfaces. Even in print form, the texture can highlight aspects of your original work.

The next time you're uncertain about selecting between stretched and unstretched canvas prints, remember these tips. Whether you’re looking for loose or gallery-wrapped canvas prints, you'll find plenty of options at The Stackhouse. Browse our selection of print options for your art business today.

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