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Why Print Your Photos on Canvas? The Stackhouse Printery

Why Print Your Photos on Canvas?

Printing your photos is a beautiful way to bring your memories to life! There's nothing like seeing your photography beautifully displayed in your home or office.

At The Stackhouse Printery, we offer a variety of excellent photo printing products, but we especially love canvas because of its many benefits!

The post explores some key benefits of printing your precious photos on durable canvas.

Photos Printed on Canvas are More Durable 

Canvas photo prints are typically more durable than traditional ones because the canvas's sturdiness makes it less likely to bend, tear, or wrinkle than most other photography papers.

The thickness of canvas also makes it more difficult to accidentally pull or tear, while wooden stretcher bars prevent creasing. Canvas also stands up better when exposed to moisture or direct sunlight, so the colors in your photo prints will last longer without fading.

Photos Printed on Canvas Have No Glare

When showcasing your cherished photographs, framing them under glass or printing them on glossy paper may create a visually striking display. However, sometimes when you display them in a room with abundant light, be it natural or artificial, glass or glossy paper generates unwanted reflections and glare that hinder the viewer's ability to fully appreciate the image.

Printing your photos on canvas helps overcome this issue because its smooth satin-matte finish is ideal for exhibiting your photos in brightly lit spaces without worrying about glare.

Canvas Prints are Affordable 

Canvas printing is highly appreciated for its affordability. For instance, printing a large 24”x 26” photo on canvas is much more cost-effective than buying a comparably sized art piece or painting.

Photos Printed on Canvas Have Beautiful Aesthetics

Canvas's structure and texture give your photos a unique and sometimes more artistic than other photo papers. Its surface texture provides a high-quality, organic, professional, and timeless look that can be achieved with traditional photo papers.

This artistic flair makes many decorators and artists choose canvas prints for home decor projects. It is also what makes canvas-printed photos a unique and ready-to-hang gift.

Canvas Prints Can be Hung Without Frames

Gallery-wrapped and foam-mounted canvas boards can be beautifully hung without frames or glass protection. They are also lightweight, making them suitable to hang or display on hooks or shelves with weight limits.

Canvas Prints Can Be Created in Larger Sizes

Canvas prints can be printed in larger sizes than traditional photo prints. This means you can create a more significant focal point on a wall, which can be especially effective for displaying family portraits or landscape photos. You can also get creative by cropping your images into multi-canvas collages.

The Stackhouse Printery offers Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints in sizes ranging from 8"x10" to 36"x54" as well as custom sizing with prices starting at $49.

Canvas Prints Are Easily Customized

Canvas prints can be customized with different frame styles, wrap options, and color finishes to print photos that match your personal decor style and preferences.

Canvas Prints Will Boost Your Photography Confidence

Creating large-scale, physical images of your works may help you better appreciate the minute details and aspects of your photos that might get lost in small prints or screens.

Plus, seeing your photographic art in a substantial style-forward format feels excellent! With canvas prints, you can relive your memories for many years to come, knowing that they will remain as beautiful as the day they were captured. 

Unlike other canvas printing companies, many that use solvent-based printers and chemical inks, here at The Stackhouse Printery we guarantee that our prints will never crack, fade, or turn yellow over time.