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How to Choose the Perfect Frame For Your Art - The Stackhouse Printery

How to Choose the Perfect Frame For Your Art

Choosing the perfect frame for your art can be a transformative experience both for the piece and the space in which it is displayed. A carefully selected frame elevates the artwork's beauty, while the wrong choice may subtract from its essence.

When choosing a frame, it's essential to consider its aesthetic appeal and the environment in which it will be displayed.

While personal taste is, of course, a vital consideration when it comes to framing, it's also essential to consider a few other critical considerations when making a frame selection. These tips from our team at The Stackhouse Printery will help you choose a frame that beautifully complements your work.

Consider the Materials Used to Create The Frame

The frame material you choose for your art should be selected based on the artwork's style and the intended display location. For example, a wooden frame may be better suited for traditional artwork displayed in a formal setting, while a metal frame may be more appropriate for contemporary art displayed in a modern space.

Further, fine art prints and photographs will have a wide range of framing options, while fewer options are available for wrapped canvas prints, some of which don't require a frame.

The Style & Color of Your Art Impacts Frame Choice

When selecting a frame for your artwork, it's essential to choose one that complements and enhances your piece's beauty without being a distraction. To make the right choice, consider the dominant colors and match them with a frame that matches or contrasts them.

For instance, black or white frames look fantastic with black and white photographs, while colorful photos may look better with a frame that matches their dominant hues. A simple, sleek frame might be the best bet for a modern, abstract painting, while a classic landscape painting may benefit from a more ornate, traditional frame.

You may also consider whether you want the frame to blend in or stand out compared to the art and the setting. A neutral-colored frame works well if you want it to remain in the background. But if you want the frame to enhance your art's colors, it might be better to choose one that matches or contrasts with the dominant colors in the piece to create a more striking effect. For instance, a darker frame may create a beautiful contrast with a light-colored piece.

Consider the Size of Frame Compared to Size of Art Piece

The size of the frame should be proportional to the artwork. A small painting may get lost in a large, ornate frame, while a large painting may look overwhelming in a small frame.

Consider the Cost of the Frame

While the best quality and most expensive frame will almost always enhance the artwork's appearance, in most cases, budget restraints make it essential to consider the cost of the frame. A well-chosen frame doesn't have to be expensive to significantly impact the artwork's presentation.

Overall, the perfect frame should enhance the artwork's beauty without distraction. Feel free to experiment with different frame styles, colors, and materials until you find the ideal match.

Where You Want To Hang It

Before selecting your frame, you should also consider where to hang the piece. It is essential to consider how the frame's decorative elements suit the overall space where the art will be displayed.

For instance, if you have ample blank space to fill on a wall, choose a more oversized frame to fill the space and help the piece stand out.

Also, how the frame's color and style mingle with other decorative elements in the space are essential to consider if you want to use the frame to tie the decorative elements in a room together.

We hope you have fun making your space more beautiful, and our experienced team at The Stackhouse Printery is here to help you every step of the way.

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