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5 Tips for Promoting Your Art on Social Media - The Stackhouse Printery

5 Tips for Promoting Your Art on Social Media

As an artist, chances are you’re familiar with a few common ways to spark intrigue toward your artwork: exhibits, reviews, advertisements, and interviews. But in the digital age, opportunities to generate buzz are expanding, and social media may be the missing link in your self-promotion routine!

Here are five tips for promoting your art on social media that can help expand your audience:

Establish a Posting Style

Posting art on social media can be challenging for some, especially when trying to establish a style that feels natural to them. However, using this tip to increase exposure can be a fun process and help you generate posts that are unique to you!

You can create detailed captions providing background information on each piece or include your trademark on each photo. Whatever your preferred style is, try to establish one that you can consistently use to create a unified brand.

Market Your Artwork

Including photos of new works on your main platform as you complete them is standard practice, but don’t forget about other avenues to help increase exposure!

You can advertise your latest works to other audiences on different platforms and include links to your main page where your following can view a comprehensive collection of your artwork.

Engage with Your Audience

There’s no doubt that your viewers will love and admire your work! If they leave a comment, be sure to respond. Whether your response is a reaction to their comment or a quick “thank you,” engaging with your following demonstrates your appreciation for their support.

The more you engage, the more likely your audience may continue to support your business, strengthening the community around your art.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Promoting your art on social media means curating your best and favorite pieces! Share artwork that speaks to you, and remember to use high-quality videos and photos. If taking photos of paintings, use a high-quality camera that can capture the painting’s finer details.

If sharing a recent photoshoot, select three to five of your favorite shots. The purpose is to give your audience an insider’s look into your creative mind and leave them wanting more.

Maintain Professionalism

Building a social media presence to promote your artwork requires a bit more than passion and diligent posting. As one of the most vital tips, remember that your platform is an extension and representation of your business.

While self-portraits and defining moments in your life are acceptable, avoid posting personal information or intimate details that may turn a potential collaborator away.

To help separate your personal life from the professional, consider creating two platforms: your public art page and a private page to share with your family and closest friends.

From increasing your online presence to gaining collaborations, promoting your art on social media has plenty of advantages. Using these tips, you can establish a professional reputation that can facilitate increased sales, resulting in a more profitable business.

Professionalism is something we here at The Stackhouse take seriously. We specialize in giclee printing services that produce breathtaking prints with amazing colors.

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