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Are Stretched Canvas and Wrapped Canvas the Same Thing?

Are Stretched Canvas and Wrapped Canvas the Same Thing?

The beauty and sophistication of a canvas print allow it to stand tall and capture detailed images while transforming them into breathtaking works of art. These prints combine refined digital printing techniques and premium fabric, often stretched over a wooden frame or left in its natural form.

A stretched canvas is what the viewer would typically notice at an art showcase or photography exhibit, given its polished appearance. However, the final touches may resemble wrapped canvas to the untrained eye.

So, are stretched canvas and wrapped canvas the same thing? Continue reading for a more in-depth look into their similarities and differences.

What Is a Stretched Canvas?

Stretched canvas prints are images printed on a cotton fabric material that is stretched over a wooden frame. This wood structure, otherwise known as stretcher bars, provides a sturdy foundation for the material to cling to once secured with staples.

It helps to note that staples on a stretched canvas may typically run along the side of the frame’s borders, making them visible to the viewer’s eye. In most circumstances, many artists and collectors will acquire a frame to conceal the staples.

Is It the Same as a Wrapped Canvas?

Similarly, wrapped canvases also involve stretching fabric over a wooden support frame. It can take a great deal of time and expertise to ensure the canvas remains taut and doesn’t damage during the stretching process. Again, you can display the canvas unframed or in a frame, depending on your preference.

What Is the Difference?

There are subtle differences between stretched and gallery-wrapped canvas that separate each display method. For example, on a stretched canvas, the staples are visible as they typically track along the sides of the supporting frame. Also, the image on a stretched canvas may have a broad white margin, so you could quickly locate the staples. In some cases, the frames can remain partially or entirely exposed.

On the other hand, a gallery-wrapped canvas will include an image that wraps over the entire front, sides, and edges of the support frame. Often, staples secure the fabric to the back of the frame to avoid exposing them to the public eye. Gallery-wrapped canvas may also include printed edges that serve as a continuation of the printed image.

It’s safe to say that while nearly identical, stretched canvas and wrapped canvas are not the same thing. The differences lay in the subtle details; however, their distinctions don’t affect their quality. Please visit our webpage for more information about our printing processes at The Stackhouse, such as Gallery-wrapped canvas printing.