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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Photos for Canvas Printing

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Photos for Canvas Printing

Thanks to state-art-of-the-art technology, canvas printing is becoming the standard when transforming images into prints. This method produces crisp, detailed illustrations with vivid colors while allowing the photograph to bear similarities to a painting.

While this technique is relatively accessible, it’s wise to be selective when determining which photos to print with this method. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal images for canvas printing.

Prioritize High-Quality Images

A high-quality print almost always begins with a clear, sharp image! Unfortunately, while you can restore and enhance photos in many ways, some of your favorite shots may have poor resolutions that can affect their final appearances on canvases.

As a rule of thumb, you always want to select pictures with a higher pixel count. Usually, between 150 to 360 PPI will result in a clear print.

The higher the pixel count, the crisper that image will appear when enlarged and placed on a canvas. It also helps to choose photographs with a subject that takes up most of the frame. Of course, don’t forget to have adequate lighting in the images!

Consider Canvas Shape and Size

Another crucial step to consider is determining the perfect canvas shape and size. These factors also affect the print’s final presentation. For example, if you want to represent a portrait as a canvas print, your best action is to select a vertical rectangular canvas. This can accommodate the subject without cropping essential details.

If you plan to shift focus to the subject’s face, consider utilizing a square frame instead, and use horizontal frames to display landscape images!

Determine Whether Borders and Wrapping Fit Your Style

As with canvases used for painting, you’ll notice how gallery-wrapped prints stretch over hardwood frames. This detail provides the final touch to create a sleek display you can hang immediately.

This step is known as gallery-wrapping and requires extra image to wrap around the sides of the frames. In this case, a mirrored edge or a solid color can be added to accommodate the additional image needed.

To allow your photos to come alive and present themselves in their finest quality, you want a printing method that produces crispness, vibrance, and clarity. But this technique is only half the battle! Choosing the ideal photos for canvas printing is crucial since pixelation, size, and shape can drastically affect the overall quality.

After selecting your finest images, remember to contact a premium printing company like The Stackhouse so that we can take care of the rest! Our fine art canvas printing services are top-tier, as we use the highest-quality technology to ensure you get the best print available.