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Giclee Canvas Prints Are More Valuable - The Stackhouse Printery

Why Giclee Prints Are More Valuable

It is common for folks to to be surprised by, or fail to understand the value of fine art prints produced using giclee printing technology. They are quite unlike any other kind of printed art when it comes to their both their quality and monetary worth.

So, in this post we are going to help you gain a clearer understanding of what sets giclee prints apart and makes them so highly favored.

Whether you are considering purchasing a giclee painting or investing in giclee printing for your art, here are some reasons both artists and art lovers prefer giclee prints. 

Giclee Prints Have a Higher Resolution 

The most impactful reason artists and art buyers prefer pieces printed with giclee printing technology is the unparalleled detail captured by this printing process. 

The word giclee is French for squirt or spray. In the world of fine art, it means a technology that sprays ink directly onto canvas or paper with an incredibly fine mist. This process enables the printing process to capture the details in the image at a much higher resolution than traditional printing.

Note that not all inkjet prints are considered giclee prints. To be considered a giclee, the print must meet certain criteria and be of higher quality than regular inkjet prints. 
For instance giclee prints must have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (DPI).

Higher resolutions result in better quality because inevitably when you zoom in on an image, it becomes more distorted. So, increasing the DPI ensures that the final product is detailed and maintains its integrity.

The image resolution quality of giclee prints are the number one reason they are so valuable.

Giclee Printing Uses The Best Printers & High-Quality Pigment Inks & Media

The printer used to create your giclee print is important and can impact the quality of the end product. At Stackhouse Printery, we use top of the line giclee printers and have skilled technicians to produce the highest quality prints.

Additionally, using pigment-based inks for giclee printing ensures that the print is longer lasting compared to lower-grade inkjet printers that use dye-based inks. 

Giclee print technology uses top-of-the-line archival inks, which are much better quality and longer lasting than traditional printing inks. The result is prints with richer color pigments and finishes that resemble the original piece more closely. In fact, using giclee prints and archival inks is the closest you can get to reproducing the original quality of fine art.

Choosing the right medium for your giclee print is also crucial. We offer five high-quality archival papers or canvas at Stackhouse Printery, each designed to ensure the longevity of your artwork. Archival paper is acid-free and holds up to the standards set for a giclee print, while canvas is sturdy and ideal for retaining high-quality pigmented inks.

Long-Lasting Finish

A significant advantage of using giclee printing technology and archival inks is that they produce a final product that will endure much longer than a print made by any other means. 

Canvases deteriorate over time, especially if they're not correctly cared for. However, the details created in the giclee printing technique, combined with the quality of the archival inks and printing media, make these prints last longer.

So, if you intend to display your canvas on a wall for an extended period, giclee printing is your best choice! This is because giclee prints maintain their high-quality appearance for longer than other types of prints.

At The Stackhouse Printery, we use best-in-class Giclee printing technology, archival inks, top-quality media, and decades of technical expertise to ensure every client receives the highest quality prints possible.