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5 Great Tips for Framing Your Canvas Prints

5 Great Tips for Framing Your Canvas Prints

Canvas printing is a beautiful way to display your favorite art pieces or photographs in a gallery or at home. However, this unique print medium has equally unique framing and hanging requirements. Learn more about this medium with these five helpful tips for framing your canvas prints.

Understand Your Canvas Type

Depending on the type of canvas print you’re working with, you may need to use a unique frame or hanging mechanism. For example, some of the common types of prints include loose canvas, canvas boards, and wrapped canvas. If you’re working with loose canvas, you may need to stretch it yourself before hanging your print. When framing a wrapped canvas, you may need to secure the print to the frame with clips. While most galleries choose to wrap their canvases, there are also options such as dry and wet mounting for framing as well.

Finding the Right Size

Once you understand what type of print you’re working with, you can find the perfect frame. Start by measuring the outside dimensions of your print and making notes of them. These dimensions will help you choose a frame in the correct size for your print. Consider whether you want a mat for your frame as well. The mat will add an extra layer of dimension to your piece, but it will also impact sizing and dimensions. If you can’t find a frame or mat in the correct size for your print, try contacting a professional framing service to create a custom frame.

Choosing a Complimentary Frame Color

With the needed frame size in mind, it’s time to select a frame for your canvas. There are many types of frames available for hanging prints. Frame designs range from plain and simple to detailed and extravagant. In fact, there are so many options to select from that it can be an overwhelming choice. Find a frame that compliments the colors in your art or photograph without distracting from the piece.

Protect the Print With Glass

Some canvas prints don’t require an extra layer of glass or protection when displayed. However, if you plan to hang your print in a gallery or room with natural lighting, consider protecting it with a glass covering. UV-filtering glass helps keep canvas prints from fading or yellowing over time.

Framing and Displaying Tips

How you display your newly framed prints is also important. If you need to organize your frames in a gallery setting, keep them clean and organized with ample space between each piece. However, if you’re going for a more artistic display or hanging prints at home, consider mixing and matching frames and print sizes. Get creative with your display to incorporate your own sense of style and personality.

Remember these five tips for framing canvas prints for your next project. When it comes to framing and displaying your canvas, the quality of the print matters. Learn more about giclee printing on canvas through The Stackhouse. We offer high quality printing services to help you print and display your favorite pieces.