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The Benefits of Canvas Foam Board Prints

The Benefits of Canvas Foam Board Prints

Have you ever heard of mounting canvas prints onto foam boards? This method combines the qualities of a loose canvas print with the sturdiness and durability of a wrapped print. Learn more about the benefits of canvas foam board prints and why you should consider this product.

Unique Style and Appearance

Canvas board prints offer unique styles and appearances that other prints can’t. This printing style uses canvas material adhered to a foam board, which has the unique texture of a canvas print with added durability. Canvas provides a new and interesting way to display your favorite works at home, in a gallery, in a studio, and more! With canvas printing, this material is no longer exclusive to painted works—photographs, digital art, and traditional painting recreations are all excellent candidates for canvas printing.

Wide Range of Sizing Options

Because you can display canvas foam boards by themselves, you won’t feel constrained by common framing sizes or other display options. At The Stackhouse, we can print canvas boards from size 4×6 inches to 42×63 inches and anywhere in between. This allows you to get creative with sizing and not worry about how dimensions will affect your work. You can even adjust the board thickness and size! The wide sizing range also allows you to experiment with how you display your work, whether you choose one large canvas print or break it up into several smaller ones.

Increased Longevity and Durability

Canvas foam board prints, especially those from The Stackhouse, are durable printing options for anyone interested in art and displaying it. The mounting process includes taking a loose canvas print and fixing it to a sturdy foam board. These materials increase the longevity of the piece so you get more display time out of it and can appreciate it for years.

If these benefits of canvas foam board printing have encouraged you to explore this printing medium, you can find a wide range of canvas mounting methods at The Stackhouse. We offer canvas foam board prints and loose and wrapped canvas prints. Browse our website to learn about each method and more.