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Retail Ready Prints

Enhance your artwork with our Retail Ready Prints. Each print is packed with a backing board for added rigidity, then slipped into a crystal-clear protective bag. This ensures your artwork remains pristine and protected from environmental factors, and also provides a professional, ready-to-display solution. Ideal for anyone looking for a sale-ready presentation that makes an immediate impact.

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Giclee Printing Process

Our giclee printing technique offers an expansive spectrum of colors, seamless transitions, and vividly detailed color portrayal.

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Paper Types

5 fine art and 3 photo papers from Epson and Hahnemuehle.

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Retail Ready Option

  • 1x Giclee Fine Art or Photo Print
  • 1x Clear Protective Sleeve
  • 1x 1/8-Inch Foam Board Backing
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Giclee Inkjet Printing

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee refers to top-tier prints crafted with cutting-edge inkjet printers, archival inks, and premium media. Its unmatched quality and durability make it the ideal choice for exquisite art and photo reproductions.

How are our giclee prints crafted?

We employ the state-of-the-art Epson SureColor P9570, equipped with UltraChrome PRO12 Ink (12-color) for an expansive color range. Paired with premium media from top-tier paper manufacturers, our prints boast vibrant hues and impressive lightfastness.

High Quality Papers



Luster Finish (orange peel) / 260 gsm / 10 mil / Resin Coated Paper

Excellent color accuracy, sharpness, and contrast make this photo paper one of our most popular. It is also a favorite among professional photographers.

It features the same Luster E surface (orange peel texture) of traditional silver halide prints, which helps reduce glare while maintaining color richness and detail in the images. Its finish balances glossy paper's high reflectivity and matte paper's minimal reflectivity.



High Gloss Finish / 250 gsm / 10 mil / Resin Coated Paper

This paper has the highest gloss level in our portfolio.

The ink sits on its smooth, shiny surface, thus enhancing the sharpness and vibrancy of the colors, resulting in images with rich, vivid colors, deep blacks, and high levels of contrast.

This paper is a favorite among nature and landscape photographers who require extreme sharpness and clarity.

Metallic Glossy


High-Gloss Pearlescent Finish / 255 gsm / 10.4 mil / Resin Coated Paper

This high-end, ultra-glossy specialized photo paper was designed to create prints with unique metallic or pearlescent appearance and is known for its pearlescent white point.

Photographers and artists often use it to achieve a distinct and eye-catching visual effect in their prints.

Its high gloss finish on a pearlescent base stock yields an elegant iridescence, making it a good choice for black-and-white photographs and images with metal and water.

Photo Matt Fibre


Ultra-Smooth, Natural White, Matte Photo Paper / 200 gsm / 11.8 mil / 100% Alpha-Cellulose

This paper is specifically designed for high-quality photographic and art reproductions using inkjet printers. It has a low-weight, matte finish with a pleasant, warm tone whiteness that beautifully renders images with outstanding contrast, clarity, and impressive color depth.

It offers a smooth, non-reflective finish ideal for images with soft color gradients or black-and-white photography.

It’s also a good choice for images displayed under bright lights, as it minimizes glare.

Hot Press Bright


Smooth Matte / 300gsm / 16 mil / 100% Cotton Rag

A smooth matte finish makes this media a highly recommended and popular choice for fine art reproductions. It works exceptionally for reproducing paintings, graphic designs, and other original fine art prints.

Its bright white surface lends itself exceptionally well to colorful art because it supports vibrancy and crisp detail.

Hot Press Bright is also suitable for photography prints, especially those with intricate details or where color accuracy is paramount, such as landscape and portrait photography.

Cold Press Bright


Textured Matte / 305gsm / 19 mil / 100% Cotton Rag

Cold Press Bright is renowned for its textured finish and bright white surface, which provides a more traditional look for fine art reproductions.

It's an ideal choice for those striving to replicate the aesthetics of their original paintings, watercolor interpretations, and charcoal sketches.

This media is also suitable for photography, especially portraits, detailed nature photography, and other instances when a photographer wants the photo paper's texture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their prints.

Photo Rag


Textured Matte / 308 gsm / 18.9 mil / 100% Cotton Fiber

A soft, lightly textured surface makes Photo Rag a fantastic choice for photographs - both black and white and color. It's known for enhancing the depth of field in landscape photography and boosting the life-like qualities of portrait photography.

It's also highly recommended for reproducing traditional works of art like watercolor paintings, pencil sketches, and mixed media work. Photo Rag's texture and quality can significantly add a tactile and aesthetic dimension to the printed image, giving it a more authentic and artistic feel.

Many artists and photographers choose Photo Rag paper because it enhances the viewers' tactile and emotional connection with the artwork.

William Turner


Textured Matte / 310 gsm / 24.4 mil / 100% Cotton Fiber

Named after the famed English painter William Turner, the paper has a distinct textured surface that mimics traditional etching paper.

It's best suited for fine art reproductions, especially of oil paintings or acrylic works, where capturing the brushwork and textures is crucial.

FineArt Baryta


Textured Glossy / 325 gsm / 16.14 mil / 100% Alpha Cellulose

FineArt Baryta paper offers exceptional image sharpness and tonal range designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional darkroom photography prints.

Its high gloss and color saturation make it a preferred choice for nature, landscape, and portrait photography. It's also well-suited to achieve impressive depth in vividly colored and black-and-white photographs.

FineArt Baryta is also a fantastic option for digital art or fine art reproductions when the artist aims to achieve a photographic look when reproducing pieces with vivid colors and high contrast values.

The Value of Packaged Prints

Our Packaged prints are an excellent option if you want to sell, gift, or ship your most treasured photos or art pieces. They offer a perfect balance of convenience, quality, and beauty, transforming your creative vision into a stunning, ready-to-ship product.

Our Packaged prints are an excellent choice for professional photographers or artists to diversify their product offerings and present a ready-to-use solution to their clients.

At The Stackhouse Printery, all of our prints are of exceptional quality. We are dedicated to producing excellent prints that accurately represent the original artwork or photograph, capturing every detail in vivid color. Our method employs Giclee inject printing technology, best-quality long-lasting archival inks, and top-tier professional paper options to optimally enhance the hues and textures of your art or photos.

Whether you're an artist looking to share your work at art shows, a retailer keen to offer top-notch prints to customers, or simply seeking the ideal personalized gift, our Packaged prints deliver a straightforward and elegant solution.

We recognize the uniqueness of every piece of art or photograph, so we offer a broad spectrum of customization options. You can choose from various sizes and formats to meet your needs or request custom sizing.

By choosing The Stackhouse Printery's Packaged prints, you opt for convenience, superior quality, and a tangible representation of your artistic vision. They enable you to transform your creative endeavors into professional-grade prints ready to sell, gift, or display.