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Giclee Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints provide a chic, ready-to-display option for your artwork or photos. Printed on premium canvas, sealed with a protective coating, and wrapped around robust stretcher bars, they give a seamless, deep visual appeal, ideal for homes and galleries.

  • Inkjet-printed with archival pigment inks
  • Laminate options to prevent scuffs, cracking, and UV damage
  • Heavy-duty pro stretcher bars in .75" and 1.5" depths
  • Ready to hang
5 Business Days


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Protective Finish

  • Satin
  • Matte

Stretcher Bar

  • Premium .75-inch bars
  • Premium 1.5-inch bars

Edge Options

  • Mirrored
  • Black
  • White

Hanging Hardware

  • Wire
  • Sawtooth

Giclee Printing Process

Our giclee printing technique offers an expansive spectrum of colors, seamless transitions, and vividly detailed color portrayal.

Shipping Options

Average Transit Time

Economy: 5-8 days

Standard: 3-4 days

Express: 1-2 days

Economy International 6-18+ days

More Info

Volume Discounts

Buy More, Save More

  • 10 total: 10% discount
  • 20 total: 20% discount
  • 100 total: 25% discount
Preparing Files For Print

Ensure your work is print-ready by converting it to high-quality JPEGs that include an embedded color profile.

  • When exporting, make sure to use an RGB Color Profile—options such as P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are recommended.
  • For optimal quality, save your JPEGs with a quality setting of 10 or above in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or an equivalent setting in your preferred editing software.
  • Given that most items are printed at 300 DPI, your files will be automatically adjusted for print. However, for more detailed control over the final output, you may choose to manually resize your files and apply any desired sharpening before you submit them.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Edge to Edge Elegance

Giclee Gallery Wraps

Transform any space into a gallery with our Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our prints are produced on premium, fine art canvas, ensuring durability and a professional, artistic presentation. Each image is printed using archival-quality inks that resist fading, capturing every nuance of the original work with exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy.

The canvas is then expertly stretched over solid wood stretcher bars, with the image wrapping around the sides of the frame for a seamless, modern look. Ready to hang upon arrival, our canvas wraps are perfect for both art enthusiasts and photographers seeking to showcase their work in style.

PRINT SURFACES Giclee printed with an added protective finish.
DEPTH .75-Inch or 1.5-Inch stretcher bar depth.
EDGES Mirrored image or a black/white border around the edge.
HANGING HARDWARE Wire or Sawtooth depending on size.
SIZES From 8x10" to 36x60".

Protective Finish

Satin Finish - The Stackhouse Printery


Our Satin Laminate gives your canvas prints a soft, slightly reflective finish, balancing between matte and glossy. It enhances colors, adds a layer of subtle shine, and protects against fading, scratches, and moisture. Ideal for images where color vibrancy and a hint of gloss are desired without the glare of a full glossy finish.

Matte Finish - The Stackhouse Printery


The Matte Laminate on our canvas prints provides a smooth, non-reflective surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. It offers a contemporary look, minimizing glare and preserving the depth of colors. This protective layer safeguards your artwork against UV rays, dust, and handling, perfect for galleries or brightly lit spaces.

Stretcher Bars

.75-Inch Stretcher Bar - The Stackhouse Printery

.75-Inch Stretcher Bar

Opt for our .75" stretcher bar for a slim profile that adds a contemporary touch to your canvas print. This thinner wood frame option is perfect for smaller pieces or galleries with multiple canvases, providing just the right amount of depth without overwhelming the artwork. It’s ideal for a subtle, refined display that blends seamlessly with any wall space.

1.5-Inch Stretcher Bar - The Stackhouse Printery

1.5-Inch Stretcher Bar

Our 1.5" stretcher bar elevates your canvas print with a more pronounced, gallery-quality depth. This thicker wood frame option enhances the visual impact of your artwork, creating a bold statement piece suitable for both modern and traditional settings. The increased depth draws the viewer’s eye into the artwork, making it a standout choice for larger prints or as a singular focal point in a room.

Edge Options

Mirrored Edge Option - The Stackhouse Printery


The Mirrored Edge option seamlessly extends your image by mirroring its sides onto the edges of the canvas. This technique creates a visually continuous effect that enhances the depth and dimensionality of your artwork without cropping the main image. Ideal for preserving the full integrity of your original piece while achieving a gallery-wrapped look.

Solid Color Edge Option - The Stackhouse Printery


Choose a Solid-Color Edge to give your canvas a polished, modern frame. This option wraps your canvas with a uniform color of your choice on the sides, providing a clean, crisp border. It’s perfect for complementing your artwork and interior decor, offering a sleek, finished appearance to your print.

Hanging Hardware

Wire Hanger Option - The Stackhouse Printery


For prints 15 inches or taller, a wire hanger is automatically added for superior support and balance. The wire's adaptability makes it easy to achieve a perfectly level display, providing a secure hold for your larger artworks. This method ensures your piece remains a stable and striking focal point.

Sawtooth Hanger - The Stackhouse Printery


Every print under 15 inches is equipped with a sawtooth hanger, designed for simple, quick hanging. It's fixed at the top, ensuring your artwork sits flush against the wall with minimal fuss—ideal for accentuating smaller pieces with a sleek, understated mounting solution.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Printing

Understanding Giclee Prints

Giclee prints are distinguished by their exceptional quality, achieved through modern inkjet printing, archival inks, and the finest materials, making them a premier choice for art and photography reproductions.

Crafting Our Gallery Wrapped Prints

With the cutting-edge Epson SureColor P9570 printer and its 12-color UltraChrome PRO12 Ink, we provide a wide color gamut. High-grade, cotton-poly canvas ensures our prints are both colorful and fade-resistant.

Sizes & Prices

Size .75-Inch Bar 1.5-Inch Bar
8x10 $49.00 $58.00
8x12 $54.33 $64.33
8x18 $68.33 $81.33
8x24 $83.33 $99.33
8.5x11 $52.75 $62.50
9x12 $57.50 $68.00
9x15 $65.00 $77.00
9x18 $72.50 $86.00
10x10 $54.33 $64.33
10x12 $60.67 $71.67
10x13 $62.83 $74.33
10x14 $66.00 $78.00
10x15 $68.17 $80.67
10x16 $71.33 $84.33
10x20 $82.00 $97.00
10x30 $109.67 $129.67
11x14 $69.17 $81.67
11x17 $77.67 $91.67
11x19 $84.00 $99.00
11x20 $87.17 $102.67
12x12 $66.00 $78.00
12x15 $75.50 $89.00
12x16 $78.67 $92.67
12x18 $85.00 $100.00
12x20 $91.33 $107.33
12x24 $103.00 $121.00
12x36 $140.00 $164.00
13x16 $82.83 $97.33
13x19 $92.33 $108.33
13x21 $98.67 $115.67
14x14 $79.67 $93.67
14x18 $93.33 $109.33
14x21 $102.83 $120.33
15x20 $103.83 $121.33
15x45 $193.00 $223.00
16x16 $93.33 $109.33
16x20 $109.00 $127.00
16x24 $123.67 $143.67
16x48 $212.67 $244.67
18x22 $125.67 $145.67
18x24 $133.00 $154.00
18x27 $145.50 $168.00
20x20 $125.67 $145.67
20x25 $147.50 $170.00
20x30 $169.33 $194.33
20x40 $213.00 $243.00
20x60 $300.33* $340.33*
21x28 $166.17 $190.67
22x33 $195.17 $222.67
24x24 $163.00 $187.00
24x30 $193.00 $220.00
24x32 $203.33 $231.33
24x36 $223.00 $253.00
24x48 $283.00 $319.00
26x39 $252.83 $285.33
27x36 $244.50 $276.00
28x35 $245.50 $277.00
28x42 $284.67 $319.67
30x30 $229.00 $259.00
30x40 $288.67 $323.67
30x45 $318.50 $356.00
30x60 $408.00* $453.00*
32x40 $304.00 $340.00
32x48 $354.33 $394.33
33x44 $336.83 $375.33
34x51 $391.17* $433.67*
36x36 $306.00 $342.00
36x45 $368.50 $409.00
36x48 $389.00* $431.00*
36x54 $431.00* $476.00*
36x60 $472.00* $520.00*
39x52 $445.17 $490.67
38x57 $471.83 $519.33
40x50 $440.00 $485.00
40x60 $515.67 $565.67

FAQs About Our Gallery Wraps

What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Gallery Wrapped Canvas is a high-quality print where the canvas is stretched and wrapped around the sides of a sturdy wooden frame, creating a seamless, museum-quality display without the need for additional framing.

How do you hang a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Each canvas comes ready to hang. Prints shorter than 15 inches include a sawtooth hanger, while those 15 inches or taller are equipped with wire hanging hardware for easy installation. Drywall hanger and rubber bumps are included.

Can I get a custom size for my Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Yes, we offer custom sizing to suit your specific needs. You can choose from our range of standard sizes or contact us for a quote on a custom dimension.

What edge options are available for Gallery Wrapped Canvases?

We offer two edge options: mirrored edges, where the image is mirrored on the sides, or solid-color edges, in black or white, for a sleek, modern look.

What kind of laminate is applied to the canvas?

Our canvases are coated with either a satin or matte laminate to protect against UV light, scratches, and moisture, enhancing durability without compromising the artwork’s aesthetic.

How thick are the stretcher bars used?

We offer two thickness options for the wooden frame: a 0.75-inch standard depth for a classic profile and a 1.5-inch gallery depth for a more pronounced, contemporary display.

Is the canvas material durable?

Absolutely. We use high-quality, heavyweight canvas that’s both durable and acid-free, ensuring your artwork remains vibrant and intact for years to come.

Can Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints be placed in high-humidity areas?

While our canvases are coated for protection against moisture, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to high humidity to preserve the longevity of the print.

How do I care for my Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning products, which can damage the surface.

What if my Gallery Wrapped Canvas arrives damaged?

Please contact us immediately. We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace any item that arrives in less than perfect condition.