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Why Choose A Matting Package for my Fine Art & Photo Prints? - The Stackhouse Printery

Why Choose A Matting Package for my Fine Art & Photo Prints?

Matting refers to the border that surrounds a print or artwork. It is often found inside a picture frame but can also be used for standalone presentations. Matting provides a crucial protective purpose for prints framed under glass, preventing the artwork from touching the glass and thus protecting it from potential damage caused by condensation.

Matting also enhances the presentation of your art. Many galleries and art shows require matting because it adds depth, balance, and proportion to the viewing experience. A clean, crisp white matting edge dramatically improves the overall appearance of most art pieces, whether framed or not.

This is because matting creates a buffer between the frame and the artwork, providing a resting place for the eyes and making the piece more visually appealing. Matting gives your images breathing room and allows your artwork to shine.

How do I choose a color for my matting package?

When choosing matting for art, the decision ultimately lies with the artist's preference for what looks and feels right to them. One guiding principle is that a mat should enhance the painting, not distract from it.

Many artists use white mats on everything they frame, believing that this allows their art, no matter the color, to stand independently without interference or distraction from the mat colors. Traditional white matting highlights the colors in your artwork and creates an overall cohesive finish.

White matting is subtle yet adds depth without competing with your print, so it is an excellent choice to achieve a crisp look. White matting also makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the print and matches most interior design styles and spaces.

At The Stackhouse Printery, our white mats provide a classic and timeless artistic sensibility that will maximize your art's versatility with changing palettes and room décor.

What is the best material for a matting package?

Artists and photographers are often very particular about the material they choose for their mat boards because this choice significantly impacts the longevity of the final product.

While regular paper mat boards are affordable, they are not recommended for preserving artwork. They are made from wood pulp treated with calcium carbonate, which creates an alkaline pH level that causes the paper to deteriorate and brown over time. Regular paper mat boards also become acidic, which my damage the artwork.

High-quality matting is acid-free, lasting much longer and protecting your print over time. Light also affects the color of your mat board. The finest mat boards are more resistant to fading and maintain their color longer.


At The Stackhouse Printery, we take great care in preserving the beauty and longevity of your artwork. That's why we use only archival, acid-free alpha-cellulose and rag mat boards in our framing. Our materials are of conservation quality and archival grade, ensuring maximum protection for your print. We understand that quality is critical, so all our mats are acid-free, which helps preserve the artwork for decades.

What is the best size for my matting package?

Matting can significantly impact how your art looks. To get the best presentation, your matting should be at least one inch wider than your frame. Most mat boards are between 2 and 4 inches wide. Larger prints look better with wider matting, while smaller prints suit narrower matting.

If you want to make a statement with a small piece of art, you can choose an oversized mat. This pairing creates a classic art gallery look and stands out on a more oversized wall. For a sophisticated finish, you can also design your matting to be taller at the bottom than at the top.

The correct size ultimately depends on how you want your art displayed. However, it is usually best to stick to general guidelines when matting your art pieces. This approach adds visual interest to the artwork without distracting from the subject matter and also provides some extra color and space.

At The Stackhouse Printery, we offer a range of Matting Packages, including high-quality options designed to give your prints a professional and polished presentation. Each package comes in a standard size, is ready to frame, and is perfect for displaying, selling, or gifting your prints. 

What makes The Stackhouse Printery Matting Packages stand out?

Our matting packages boast the highest quality giclee prints on fine art or photo paper, ensuring vivid colors and sharp details. Each print is meticulously attached to a bevel-cut, white core matboard, enhancing its aesthetic appeal with a sophisticated edge.

Stackhouse Matted Prints are ideal for retail and resale in gift shops and retail stores. They are perfect for art exhibitions, gallery installations, portfolio presentations, and wonderful gifts.

The Stackhouse Printery Matting Package Materials

We always start by producing high-quality, fine art or photo prints. We custom print your artwork or photos onto high-quality papers with exceptional color and precision. 

We use only acid-free, lignin-free bevel-cut white core matboard to ensure long lasting archival quality and the preservation of your artistic creations.

Our sleeves safeguard your prints from dust, moisture, and handling making our Matted Prints perfect for shipping, retail, art sales and gifts.

We back the prints with top-quality foam board to provide rigidity and support.

The Stackhouse Printery Matting Package Production Process

Every print starts with your digital file, meticulously printed for the best color and detail. Then each print is carefully attached to its matboard using acid-free artist’s tape with perfect alignment every time. We assemble the package, adding the foam board backing and sealing it in the clear plastic sleeve.

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