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How Do Professional Photographers Print Their Photos? - The Stackhouse Printery

How Do Professional Photographers Print Their Photos?

Photography is a wonderful hobby that can transform your passion into a business. Once you take that step, you’ll want to find a method that reproduces your work into unique, quality prints for public resale.

While there was a time when professional photographers would utilize darkrooms, this technique proved to be inefficient when trying to reproduce multiple photos at once. Darkrooms were also costly, therefore making it challenging for budding photographers to bring their images to life.

So how do professional photographers print their photos? Continue reading to find out!

Quality Images

A quality print always begins with a quality image; this means you’ll want to ensure images are in the correct resolution. It’s worth noting that the correct resolution may not always be the highest value; however, lower options are necessary to achieve specific effects.

As a professional photographer, maintaining control over final resolutions is key to developing prints that showcase your work at optimal quality.

Printing Options

Fortunately, there are several options to consider when printing your professional images. Ultimately, your preferred method may depend on how you intend to use and sell your prints, your desired quality, your budget, and the desired effect.

While printing options may differ, each method produces a definitive result that meets the photographer’s expectations.


Giclee printing is a well-known method that’s best for printing professional images on canvases that will later become part of galleries or displays in art museums. The giclee printing method uses archival ink to produce deep, rich colors and detail that bring standard prints to life.

Additionally, printing on canvas will allow photographers to capture the essence of their image on a different material that lasts for years.


Providing a more modern approach to printing photographic images, metal prints offer a unique way to create illustrations using metallic effects. Using this technique may result in a three-dimensional look that intrigues the viewer and encourages them to appreciate the fine details.

Professional photographers print their photos using modernized techniques to ensure their images look their best during showcases, exhibitions, and public sales. If you’re ready to produce the highest quality photo prints, reach out to The Stackhouse.

We offer unparalleled services and photography printing that will help your prints look exactly as you envision, no matter the project.

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