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5 Reasons You Should Reproduce Your Artwork

5 Reasons You Should Reproduce Your Artwork

Every artist should consider reproducing their artwork. This process offers many benefits to artists and their audiences. If you’re on the fence about creating art prints through this process, keep reading to learn five reasons you should reproduce your artwork.

Expand Your Audience

If you’ve struggled to grow your audience as an artist, making and selling art reproductions could be the growth opportunity you need. Creating prints of your own artwork makes your art more accessible to other audiences. Some age ranges and other audience groups can’t buy original works of art due to the higher price of the pieces. Additionally, original works can only be in one place at a time, but you can offer art prints to multiple buyers all over the world. This availability helps more people appreciate your work and gets more people talking about it.

Sell More at Galleries and Events

When exhibiting artwork at a gallery or art event, you may have guests approach you about purchasing your works. However, you can only sell original works to one buyer. Selling print reproductions allows any interested individuals to secure a copy of your work. Additionally, not everyone can afford the high price of original works. This is where reproducing your artwork comes in—it allows you to sell prints at more affordable prices so that more of your fans can support your work.

Increase the Value of Your Work and Brand

A common misconception about reproducing your artwork is that it will lower the value of your works. However, the opposite is true. Creating prints of your artwork helps your audience grow, which increases your following and recognition as an artist. Offering reproductions can even increase the value of your original works, as original collectors may be even more interested in purchasing your art pieces.

Offer Additional Sizing and Material Options

The original size of your canvas or other art materials may not always be convenient for purchasing. For example, if you painted a piece on a large canvas, the size would increase the price and make it difficult to hang. However, you can design art prints in any size or material, which makes them easier to display and more accessible for everyday consumers and art collectors.

Collect Your Own Works

Finally, reproducing your artwork also benefits your own collection. Whether you want to keep fine art prints of your works or keep your originals for yourself, reproducing your art gives you more options to build your physical art portfolio.

Now that you know these five reasons you should reproduce your artwork, you should consider ordering prints of your own. If you’re looking for a professional-level printing service, The Stackhouse offers high-quality custom giclee canvas printing to help you build your print collection. Whether you want to sell or display your art prints, The Stackhouse has you covered.