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Do Art Prints Look Better on Paper or Canvas? - The Stackhouse Printery

Do Art Prints Look Better on Paper or Canvas?

You have various options if you have a piece of art or a photo you would love to get printed to display. However, that doesn’t mean every choice is equal. On the contrary, the two most popular options available, printing on paper or canvas, can be quite different. Read on to learn if art prints look better on paper or canvas.

Printing on Paper

You will commonly find people printing their art onto fine art paper. This paper is durable and made with a simple archival cotton or cotton blend that is acid-free. Fine art paper has a matte finish, meaning the texture is light and smooth to the touch. You can also print onto photo paper, but this paper struggles over time, and you’ll likely see it fade, crack, and yellow. Fine art paper is better because it can last over 100 years with little to no degradation. Because of this, many galleries will use fine art paper.

Printing on Canvas

Fine art and photo paper are relatively smooth, whereas canvas prints have much more texture. Manufacturers typically construct canvas from cotton, polyester, and linen (or flax), which gives it that characteristic texture and feel. Sometimes, you can find specialty fibers such as jute and hemp in different canvas types. Canvas is durable and can hold onto color incredibly well while having a stunning finish.

Which One Is Better?

After understanding the differences, you’re still likely asking yourself, which one is better? Many people will choose canvas prints over fine art prints because the texture of the canvas brings the pieces to life, whereas fine art prints can look flat and dull. Another reason people will choose canvas over fine art prints is that they are incredibly lightweight, and there is little to no glare or reflection that you would otherwise find on glossy prints. To highlight a fine art print, you’ll also likely need a frame, whereas, with a canvas print, all you need to do is hang it up. Fine art prints are fantastic for showcasing the finer detail of photographs, but if you want something more visually interesting on your wall, consider a canvas print.

It’s challenging to say outright that art prints look better on paper or canvas since both have pros and cons, but canvas seems to be the better option. It is more versatile than fine art prints, and you can hang them up almost everywhere. If you’re interested in giving your canvas print a little more intrigue, consider getting canvas foam board printing from us at The Stackhouse. This foam board does an excellent job of framing the canvas and making it stand out more!

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