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3 Ways To Package Your High-Quality Art Prints

3 Ways To Package Your High-Quality Art Prints

When you’re selling artwork, clients expect you to provide a quality product that reaches their hands and facilitate a favorable experience throughout. Doing so means ensuring that printing goes smoothly and shipping techniques support your prints, preventing damage during their journey to their final destinations.

Fortunately, there are three ways to package your high-quality art prints to protect and preserve their integrity during shipment. Continue reading below to learn more!

Flat Packaging

This may be the first time you prepare and ship artwork to a client, meaning resources are scarce! In this instance, consider opting for flat packaging as a simple yet reliable method that secures your prints.

This method typically requires a stay-flat mailer, two pieces of cardboard sized to specification, tape, and a sleeve. After placing it in a sleeve, place the print between your cardboard supports and tape them together. Afterward, insert the packaged print into the mailer, and it’s ready for shipping.

Mailing Tube

While envelopes work well to protect your art prints, you can also utilize mailing tubes to ship large, poster-sized prints. It helps to acquire a tube slighter longer than the print’s shortest edge. Start by placing the print on craft paper, then carefully roll one of the shorter edges.

Once that’s complete, secure the rolled print with tape, twine, or stickers, tuck the excess edges into the ends of the roll, and slide the print into the mailing tube. Remember to insert filler at the end of the tube to prevent the rolled print from moving.

Archival Bags

The final method, packaging your high-quality art prints in clear archival bags, protects your work while improving its presentation. Most bags contain biaxially oriented polypropylene and display art prints in high definition.

BOPP bags are generally cost effective and come in various options such as protective closure, flap seal, or no flap. Depending on your preference, you can opt for an option that best suits your shipping style and brand.

It’s natural to have concerns about a print’s safety during shipment. With a few standard supplies and determination, you can effectively carry out these ways to package your high-quality art prints and protect your work.

Selling artwork is a dedicated practice that requires the utmost care and consideration. Professionalism starts with your prints! At The Stackhouse, we utilize excellent techniques and strategies to create archival art prints that are ready to ship. We use the finest equipment to provide the highest-quality printing experience available. Contact us to learn more!