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5 Reasons To Print Your Photos on Canvas - The Stackhouse Printery

5 Reasons To Print Your Photos on Canvas

While smartphones and other electronic devices make it easier than ever to view photographs digitally, they can’t capture the effect of displaying your favorite photos in person. While you might traditionally order pictures on glossy paper, you may want to consider exploring other materials, such as canvas. Here are five reasons to try printing your photos on canvas through professional printers.

Increased Durability

Canvas prints are more durable and last longer than traditional fine art and photography prints. The canvas material is thicker, making it harder to tear or cut accidentally. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are more durable thanks to their additional structure from their wooden frame. Canvas materials also resist moisture and glare from sunlight, which helps them last longer and prevent fading and damage.

Artistic Appearance

Ordering canvas prints of your photographs allows you to display your images as a work of art. Canvas provides a high-quality texture and professional appearance that you can’t achieve with photo paper. Due to their artistic quality, canvas photo prints make excellent home decor items. Consider printing canvas photographs as gifts for friends and family or display them in your home.

Unique Hanging Methods

Gallery-wrapped and foam-mounted canvas (canvas boards) are two popular canvas prints that offer unique hanging methods. Gallery-wrapped prints don’t require frames when displayed in the home or gallery, and Canvas Boards can be framed without glass. This makes them lightweight, which makes them easier to hang or display on hooks or shelves with weight limits.

Available in Large Sizes

When you choose the right custom printer, you can select large canvas prints for your home or for sale. You can also crop your images into multi-canvas collages that give your single image a unique appearance. Using large canvas collages is a beautiful way to fill blank walls throughout your space. Larger canvases create excellent focal points when decorating your home or studio.

Boost Your Photography Confidence

Finally, choosing canvas prints for your photographs can also help you boost your confidence as a photographer. Creating large-scale, physical images of your works can help you better appreciate the minute details and aspects of your photos that get lost on a small screen. Seeing and holding your images in person can also help you identify areas to improve for future photography outings.

If these five reasons to print your photos on canvas have convinced you, consider looking into printing services that offer canvas materials. When you need photography printing services that offer custom sizes and a variety of canvas styles, choose The Stackhouse. We offer everything from loose canvas printing to wrapped canvas for photography and other media.

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