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5 Reasons Canvas Prints Are So Popular Today - The Stackhouse Printery

5 Reasons Canvas Prints Are So Popular Today

For creators making art reproductions, canvas prints are a prevalent choice due to their various benefits. Keep reading to learn five reasons why canvas prints are so popular today.

They Don’t Require Frames

It’s common for customers ordering canvas prints to skip the framing step altogether. The thick stretched canvas display perfectly without a frame or border. Hanging canvases without a frame also helps prevent the annoying glare that glass frames and cases commonly cause. However, if you still want to protect your canvas with a frame, you can find custom framers who work with canvas. Or you can choose loose canvas prints, which are thinner and easier to frame.

They Have Many Sizing Options

With the range of sizes, you can find a canvas print that fits any room. Do you need a small canvas image on a table or bookshelf? Order a small 4-inch by 6-inch canvas board. Do you need to fill open space over your fireplace, couch, or other furniture? Order a custom canvas that fits the wall space perfectly. If you require prints on the larger end of the spectrum, choose a printing company like The Stackhouse that offers custom sizing and large-format printing.

They Have Textured Surface Details

The textured surface of the canvas provides extra depth and detail to the print. Also, if the artist painted the original piece on a canvas, it helps the reproduction look more authentic. The textured canvas surface makes every reproduction look like a painting itself.

They’re Easy To Hang

Gallery-wrapped canvases are often easier to hang and mount than framed art prints. Not only do they not require frames, but they’re also lightweight, which makes them easier to work with. It also makes them easier to pair with mounting hardware. Depending on the type of canvas you choose, you can mount it as-is with a simple hook and wire.

They’re Long Lasting

Finally, canvas prints are so popular today because they are long-lasting. The canvas material is thick and durable, which makes it more resistant to tears, cuts, dents, and other damage. Many types of canvas also include a coating that protects from sunlight exposure and fading. This is important since many mounted canvases don’t have frames. If you choose a canvas print from a high-quality printer, it can last over a decade.

Now that you know some of the benefits of canvas prints and why they are so popular, you might consider this material for your next printing project. If you want to print canvas posters, browse our services at The Stackhouse. We offer everything from wrapped canvas and foam board printing to loose canvas printing and more.