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Giclee Canvas Prints

Discover the versatility of our Canvas Photo Prints. Crafted with high-quality canvas and vibrant archival inks, they offer stunning color and detail. Ideal for custom framing and unique presentations, these prints are perfect for artists and photographers seeking to showcase their work with flexibility and style

  • Inkjet-printed with archival pigment inks
  • Laminate options to prevent scuffs, cracks, and UV damage
  • Border options for every display situation
3 Business Days


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Protective Finish

UV and Scratch Resistant

  • Satin
  • Matte

Border Options

Added to Image Dimensions On All Sides

  • Borderless
  • 1/4-inch Additional Border
  • 1-inch Additional Border
  • 2-Inch Additional Border

Canvas Giclee Printing Process

Our Giclee printing technique offers an expansive spectrum of colors, seamless transitions, and vividly detailed color portrayal.

Shipping Options

Average Transit Time

Economy: 5-8 days

Standard: 3-4 days

Express: 1-2 days

Economy International 6-18+ days

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Volume Discounts

Buy More, Save More

  • 10 total: 10% discount
  • 20 total: 20% discount
  • 100 total: 25% discount
Preparing Files For Print

Ensure your work is print-ready by converting it to high-quality JPEGs that include an embedded color profile.

  • When exporting, make sure to use an RGB Color Profile—options such as P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are recommended.
  • For optimal quality, save your JPEGs with a quality setting of 10 or above in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or an equivalent setting in your preferred editing software.
  • Given that most items are printed at 300 DPI, your files will be automatically adjusted for print. However, for more detailed control over the final output, you may choose to manually resize your files and apply any desired sharpening before you submit them.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Craft Your Masterpiece

Giclee Canvas Prints

Dive into the realm of unlimited creativity with our Large Giclee Prints on Canvas. Perfect for artists and photographers who prefer a personal touch, our canvas photo prints offer the flexibility to frame, stretch, or display your art just the way you envision.

Each print is meticulously produced using high-grade, archival-quality canvas and vibrant, wide-gamut inks that ensure your artwork captures every detail and hue. Whether for a gallery showing, a custom framing project, or as a unique gift, our Loose Canvas Prints are an ideal canvas for your creativity.

PRINT SURFACES Giclee Printed with a protective finish.
BORDERS 1/4", 1", or 2" border options are available.
PRINTING 12-Color Giclee Inkjet Printing.
SIZES From 4x4" to 40x60".

Canvas Protective Finish

Satin Finish - The Stackhouse Printery


Our Satin Laminate offers your canvas prints a delicate, low-sheen finish, striking the perfect balance between matte and glossy. It boosts color vibrancy, introduces a gentle shimmer, and safeguards against fading, scratches, and moisture. Perfect for pictures that benefit from vivid colors and a touch of gloss without the reflective intensity of a full glossy coat.

Matte Finish - The Stackhouse Printery


Our Matte Laminate gives your canvas prints a smooth, glare-free surface that diffuses light instead of reflecting it. This contemporary finish reduces shine, maintains color depth, and adds a protective shield against UV light, dust, and handling. Ideal for gallery settings or areas with bright lighting.

Canvas Border Options

Borderless - The Stackhouse Printery


Borderless prints offer a sleek, modern look, allowing the image to stretch to the very edges of the paper. Perfect for a seamless display or when planning to frame the print without a mat.

Quarter Inch - The Stackhouse Printery


A 1/4-inch border adds a subtle framing effect to your print, enhancing its visual appeal while providing a slight margin for handling or framing. It's a minimalist choice that suits any decor.

One Inch - The Stackhouse Printery


Featuring a 1-inch border, this option enhances the overall presence of your print, ideal for those seeking a balanced look. It provides necessary space for stretching and framing, focusing attention on the artwork.

Two Inch - The Stackhouse Printery


The 2-inch border dramatically frames your artwork, making a strong visual statement. This generous border is perfect for adding depth when stretching or framing, ensuring the artwork remains the focal point.

Need Custom Prints?

If you need custom sizes or border options, we can help with that. Contact us to request mirrored or solid color edges on your loose canvas prints.

Printing Giclee on Canvas

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is the gold standard in fine art reproduction, utilizing the latest inkjet technology, archival-grade inks, and superior quality media. This process ensures unparalleled fidelity and longevity, perfect for creating stunning art and photo prints.

Crafting Our Giclee Prints

Our giclee prints come to life through the advanced Epson SureColor P9570 printer, featuring UltraChrome PRO12 Ink for an extraordinarily wide color spectrum. Combined with exceptional media from leading paper brands, our prints are distinguished by their vivid colors and enduring quality.

Canvas Print Sizes & Prices

Print Size Price
4x4 $6
4x6 $12
5x5 $7
5x7 $8
6x6 $8
6x7.5 $10
6x8 $10
6x9 $11
6x10 $12
7x10 $13
8x8 $12
8x10 $15
8x12 $17
8x24 $30
8.5x11 $16
9x12 $18
9x15 $22
10x10 $17
10x12 $20
10x13 $22
10x15 $24
10x16 $26
10x20 $31
10x30 $45
11x14 $25
11x17 $29
12x12 $23
12x15 $28
12x16 $30
12x18 $33
12x24 $43
12x36 $63
13x16 $32
13x19 $38
14x14 $31
14x21 $44
15x20 $45
15x45 $97
16x16 $39
16x20 $48
16x24 $57
16x48 $110
18x22 $58
18x24 $63
18x27 $71
20x20 $59
20x25 $73
20x30 $87
20x40 $115
20x60 $170
21x28 $85
22x33 $104
24x24 $83
24x30 $103
24x32 $110
24x36 $123
24x48 $163
26x39 $144
27x36 $138
28x35 $140
28x42 $167
30x30 $128
30x40 $170
30x45 $191
30x60 $253
32x40 $181
32x48 $217
33x44 $205
34x51 $244
36x36 $183
36x45 $228
36x48 $243
36x54 $273
36x60 $303
39x52 $285
38x57 $304
40x50 $281
40x60 $337

FAQs About Our Canvas Prints

What are Canvas Prints?
Canvas prints are high-quality images printed on canvas material, offering a textured, artistic finish. Unlike stretched or mounted canvas, these come as loose sheets, perfect for custom framing or stretching.

Can I frame Canvas Prints myself?
Absolutely! Our loose canvas prints are ideal for personal framing or mounting according to your preference and style.

Are the inks used on Canvas Prints archival?
Yes, we use archival-grade inks that ensure your canvas prints remain vibrant and fade-resistant for decades.

What sizes are available for Canvas Prints?
Our canvas prints come in a variety of sizes, from small desk-friendly dimensions to large statement pieces. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

How should I store my Canvas Print if I'm not ready to display it?
Store your canvas print flat, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend keeping it in its original packaging for optimal protection.

Can Canvas Prints be used in high-humidity areas?
While canvas prints are durable, high humidity can affect the canvas and ink over time. For bathrooms or kitchens, consider adding a protective frame or glass.

How do I clean my Canvas Print?
Dust gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using cleaning products or water, which can damage the print.

Do Canvas Prints fade over time?
Thanks to archival inks and quality canvas, our prints are designed to resist fading, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.

Can I order a custom image to be printed on canvas?
Yes, you can! Upload your image through our website, and we'll transform it into a beautiful canvas print.

Is there a difference between the canvas used for Canvas Prints and other types of canvas art?
Our canvas prints use a premium, heavyweight canvas optimized for high-resolution printing, ensuring your artwork or photographs are beautifully reproduced.