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What Is Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Printing? - The Stackhouse Printery

What Is Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Printing?

While most artists are familiar with unstretched and stretched media, gallery-wrapped canvas prints is a concept that can confuse many. While similar to the typical studio wrap canvas technique, gallery wrap methods are solutions that provide a sophisticated touch to artwork and photographs.

So what is gallery-wrapped canvas printing? Continue reading to learn more about the method and how experts achieve this refined aesthetic result.

What Are Gallery-Wrapped Prints?

Gallery-wrapped prints are images on canvas material. After printing, the images undergo enough stretching over the wooden frame to wrap over the stretcher bars. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints can fold neatly away to the sides, resulting in a gallery-style print typically seen in museums and exhibits.

Once stretched, you’ll notice how the print’s edges are a continuation of the original image. By featuring this small detail, the viewer will see the displayed work as one continuous illustration.

How Do Gallery-Wrapped Prints Differ From Studio-Wrapped Prints?

Studio wrap prints, otherwise known as non-gallery wraps, have a central distinction that separates them from gallery wrap prints. While gallery-wrapped prints require the complete stretching of canvas material over wooden stretcher bars, studio-wrapped media will have partially or completely exposed material frames, leaving fasteners and staples visible.

How Do Experts Achieve Gallery-Wrapped Prints?

Canvas wrap prints typically utilize high-quality tools and technology to create a clean, elegant piece. Experts will start by using an inkjet printer with archival ink to produce digital representations on a canvas.

After the print settles, experts then conduct stretching to achieve a seamless presentation, securing the image with staples or other fasteners. While these prints don’t typically require framing, framing a gallery-wrapped print is acceptable and up to one’s preference.

Gallery-wrapped canvas printing is a known technique that, when implemented correctly, can produce high-quality imagery and media. From classical paintings to modern photographs, this style may continue to be a popular solution that suits many settings and aesthetics.

Canvas wrap prints are one of our specialties at The Stackhouse! Our process involves high-quality archival inks and premium canvas materials to create refined stretched image that captivates the viewer and adds beauty to any art show, gallery, or home.

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