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Tips for Stretching a Loose Canvas Print

Tips for Stretching a Loose Canvas Print

When it comes to canvas prints, stretching is a common feature that facilitates framing and showcasing. Stretched canvas prints often require no more than a custom frame as their finishing touch.

On the other hand, rolled canvas prints, otherwise known as unstretched prints, require a bit of labor and love to achieve the image’s final aesthetic. So how do you apply those finishing touches to a rolled illustration?

Here are tips for framing unstretched canvas prints to help get you started.

Consider Leaving an Extra Margin

When contacting experts like our team at The Stackhouse, we’ll suggest that you leave an extra border. By requesting an extra border, you can account for empty canvas space during the stretching stage. These areas will wrap around the wooden frame and adhere to the inner sides of the wooden bars.

Measure and Outline

If framing on your own, there are several steps to consider that can facilitate the process. First, measure your rolled print with measuring tape. If you requested an extra border, the empty space would act as a margin, allowing you to skip this step.

Next, flip the print over and outline the area you choose to showcase with a ruler and pencil; this guide may prove useful when positioning and stretching your print over the frame.

Cut and Assemble

After determining your surface or margin area, you can begin cutting lumber pieces at 45-degree angles that you can attach together with wood glue. Glue the pieces together at their angles, then nail them together to reinforce the bond.

Stretch Material

After placing your frame on top of your flipped print and using the pencil outline as a reference, begin the stretching stage by gently pulling on the longer side’s middle area.

Remember to avoid stretching excessively to avoid damaging the print. The stretch should be enough to smooth the surface and keep it taut against the frame.

Adhere to the Frame

After stretching each side over the stretcher frame, adhere to the wood material using a stapling device. You may want to go back to the first side and staple about 1.5 inches away from the first adhesions.

Continue adding staples within the same distance from each other and finalize the adhering process by folding the corners into themselves and stapling them to the frame.

Think of rolled canvas printing as a standard canvas print that’s missing its final touches. With these tips, you can frame an unstretched canvas print and provide the support it needs to stand tall and present itself at its finest.