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Stretched Canvas vs. Canvas Panels: What Is the Difference? - The Stackhouse Printery

Stretched Canvas vs. Canvas Panels: What Is the Difference?

For artists, the realm of art supplies and materials is a boundless sea. If you’re standing at the crossroads, contemplating your next canvas for a painting or printing endeavor, you’ll likely encounter two intriguing options: stretched canvas and canvas panels. Both bear the cherished texture of canvas, yet they each come with their distinct qualities. Let’s dive into the distinctions between stretched canvas and canvas panels to help you make an informed choice.

Stretched Canvas: The Basics

A stretched canvas is essentially a canvas cloth pulled taut and fastened over a wooden frame. This distinctive approach not only imparts a unique texture but also furnishes artists with a resilient painting surface. Stretched canvases are available in various sizes, including impressively large dimensions exceeding 60 by 120 inches. When it’s time to move or transport a stretched canvas, you can ship it as a whole unit or, for added protection, detach the canvas and ship it separately.

Canvas Panel: The Basics

Canvas panels, on the other hand, consist of canvas material affixed to boards. These boards are typically layered with cardboard or foam board, and the canvas is securely attached, often with adhesive. Canvas panels offer the lightweight quality of stretched canvases but are more compact and easier to handle. They lack the three-dimensional depth of stretched canvases since the canvas lies flat on the mounting board. While canvas panels don’t provide the same springiness as wrapped canvases, they are favored for outdoor plein-air painting and for artists who prefer working on smaller surfaces.

Stretched Versus Panels: Differences and Which To Choose

The primary distinction between stretched canvas and panels lies in their mounting methods. Canvas panels have the canvas directly adhered to the mounting board, making them less conducive to disassembly than stretched canvases. Additionally, canvas panels are often more budget-friendly than their gallery-wrapped counterparts due to their materials and smaller size. Regarding printing and display, stretched canvases often go frameless, embracing a modern aesthetic. In contrast, a panel print may necessitate framing. Ultimately, your decision hinges on personal preference and your budget.

Now that you know the differences between stretched and canvas panel prints, you can properly choose a printing method for your future art reproductions. You can also apply these pros and cons when choosing a type of canvas for art and painting. If you’d like to turn your pieces into reproductions for display or sale, consider checking out our professional canvas board prints at The Stackhouse. We offer both canvas panels and wrapped canvas printing.

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