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Should You Frame Canvas Prints? Here’s What To Consider - The Stackhouse Printery

Should You Frame Canvas Prints? Here’s What To Consider

When deciding whether to frame your canvas prints, consider your personal aesthetic or the intention behind your project. Artists and photographers often choose themes that align with their creative vision.

Minimalist Style: If you lean towards a minimalist-style exhibition, you might prefer to showcase your canvas prints in their unadorned state.

Vintage Style: Conversely, if you are creating a vintage-themed project, framed images could be an ideal choice to exude a classic, traditional vibe.

Stretched vs. Unstretched Canvases

The next factor to consider in your framing decision is whether your prints are on stretched or unstretched canvases.

Stretched Canvases: These are extended over stretcher bars, with the excess fabric securing the material in place.

Unstretched Canvas Prints: Also known as rolled canvases, these prints are not yet stretched over a frame. You can display these prints as-is or choose to add a frame for an elevated look.

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The Appeal of Framed Canvas Prints

Framed canvas prints exude a refined and polished look that can subtly influence viewers’ perceptions. Notably, the intentional gap between the canvas and frame creates an appealing floating illusion, resulting in a captivating, three-dimensional presentation.

The Charm of Unframed Canvas Prints

Large spaces can often benefit from unframed canvas prints, which offer a bold, attention-commanding statement. Displaying an unframed canvas print allows viewers to focus solely on the artwork without additional elements detracting from the piece.

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Making the Decision: To Frame or Not to Frame?

Should you frame canvas prints? The short answer is: it depends! Your decision to frame or not depends entirely on your stylistic preference and the nature of the project. Unframed canvas prints exude a minimalist style, while framed pieces may appeal to those favoring a traditional, complete look.

Here at The Stackhouse, we pride ourselves on using museum-quality canvas and inks to provide high-quality, loose canvas prints. For more information on our practices, please visit our webpage.

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