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5 Great Ways To Display Your Giclee Prints

5 Great Ways To Display Your Giclee Prints

Whether you’re an artist preparing for a showcase or a photographer implementing final touches before your exhibit, one point remains true. Fine art prints are striking illustrations that deserve attention and appreciation!

It’s no surprise that giclee prints are appealing image productions. But after completing the initial printing process, some professionals struggle with thinking of ways to best showcase their craft.

In this article, you’ll discover five great ways to display your giclee prints so your work reaches as many eyes as possible.

Frame Your Work

To ensure a sleek, professional display, start by framing your prints. A framed giclee print can command visual interest, attracting viewers to the subject and its sophisticated presentation. It’s best to avoid shop-bought frames since they don’t always fit a giclee print’s custom measurements.

However, custom frames are better solutions to consider since they’ll accommodate all angles and measurements to ensure a seamless fit.

Build a Website

You can also build your own domain to serve as the central hub for your work! Although these online images are representations of your prints, these pictures will allow your supporters to view pieces for purchase.

If you have social media platforms, you can attach links in your posts that redirect your audience to your main website.

Work With Galleries

While getting your art into a gallery is challenging, it isn’t impossible to accomplish! Considered the best way to display a giclee print, having art or photographs curated by an expert can catapult your viewings and supporters to new heights.

Apply to galleries that share the same aesthetic as your artistry. That way, you won’t have to worry about pieces appearing out of place and detracting from the overall tone of the location.

Enter Work in Competitions

Entering an art competition is an excellent way to provide an additional platform for your craft. With the number of competitions available, there are plenty of opportunities to place prints in front of an audience with an interest in your passion.

These contests also serve as meet and greets for artists and photographers from different parts of the world, increasing your exposure to the industry!

Take Advantage of Social Media

You can increase traffic to your website by creating social media accounts that advertise your giclee prints. With social media bringing audiences together in new, innovative ways, these methods would make your work more accessible and lead viewers back to your domain.

There’s no shame in being proud of your work and ensuring that it reaches as broad an audience as possible. Using these five ways to display your giclee prints can increase your brand exposure and allows your audience more opportunities to appreciate your craft.

Fine art printing is a multistep process that requires the utmost care and precision. For this reason, consider reaching out to our team of professionals at The Stackhouse! With our advanced equipment and passion for artistry, we can ensure that you have phenomenal prints every time.