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January 27, 2022
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March 15, 2022

3 Reasons Giclee Canvases Are So Valuable

3 Reasons Giclee Canvases Are So Valuable

3 Reasons Giclee Canvases Are So ValuableWhether you’re familiar with giclee canvases or you’ve just heard about the term for the first time, it can be quite surprising to learn how valuable these pieces can be. What is it about giclee prints on canvas that make them so sought after? Whether you’re looking to purchase a giclee painting or have your own created, we’ll go over the major reasons giclee canvases are so valuable so you can make your decision.

Higher Resolution Printing

You can get a feel for how much detail goes into these prints by understanding the term “giclee.” “Giclee” refers to a particular method of printing an image directly onto a canvas (or paper). Translated from French, “giclee” roughly means “curl of smoke” or “spray of ink.” This refers to how the ink sprays onto the canvas in an extremely fine mist. This incredibly fine mist makes it easy to capture every single detail of an image at a much higher resolution than traditional printing. This higher resolution is one of the biggest reasons giclee canvases are so valuable.

High-Quality Materials

Giclee prints on canvas use the highest quality inkjet printers and archival inks on another level from traditional printer inks. The pigments in these inks are deep in color, leaving the final print with a much richer color palette and a finish that resembles the original piece. You won’t be able to recreate a painting with the exact same level of detail and polish as the original. Still, giclee prints that use these archival inks are the absolute closest you can get to the original’s quality.

Long-Lasting Finish

Another benefit of using archival inks is that they create a finished piece that can last much longer than a print using any other method. Canvases can break down over time if not taken care of properly, but the giclee printing method helps extend the canvas’ life. If you plan to hang your canvas on a wall somewhere for a long time, giclee is your best bet to make sure it stays looking its best for as long as possible.

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