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October 11, 2022

Are Stretched Canvas and Wrapped Canvas the Same Thing?

Stretched canvas and wrapped canvas are similar methods of displaying canvas prints, but they have subtle differences. Stretched canvas involves stretching fabric over a wooden frame with visible staples along the sides, while wrapped canvas wraps the fabric over the entire front, sides, and edges of the frame, hiding the staples. Gallery-wrapped canvas may also include printed edges that extend the image. These differences do not impact the quality of the prints.
January 19, 2023

Things To Know About Solid Border vs. Mirror Border Printing

Understanding the different printing styles and border options is crucial for displaying your art pieces or photographs in the best way. This article provides a detailed look into solid border and mirror border printing styles, including their pros, cons, and best use scenarios. At The Stackhouse, we offer these and other styles to help bring your art to life. Explore these options and choose what best complements your work.
May 26, 2023

What Is the Best Resolution for Canvas Prints?

Designing canvas prints requires attention to image resolution for achieving top-notch quality. High-resolution images are crucial to ensure sharp and visually appealing prints. Selecting the right resolution based on print size and considering image size and layout are equally important. Account for extra border area in gallery-wrapped canvases and explore the benefits of unstretched canvas art prints. The Stackhouse team is available to provide guidance on suitable print sizes and resolutions for your images.
June 22, 2023

What Are the Different Canvas Wrap Options Available?

When ordering a gallery wrapped canvas, you have the opportunity to customize your print with different canvas wrap options. From solid-print border wraps to mirrored edge wraps and stretched edge/image wraps, each option provides a unique look and feel to your canvas. Solid-print borders offer neutral colors or custom options for a cohesive appearance. Mirrored edge wraps create a continuous image with mirrored borders, perfect for detailed images. Stretched edge wraps stretch the image over the frame but crop the canvas. Choose the style that best suits your artwork and create a custom canvas order with The Stackhouse.