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The Most Common Materials Used in Giclee Printing
August 4, 2022
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What Separates Museum-Quality From Other Art Prints?
August 18, 2022

Should You Frame Canvas Prints? Here’s What To Consider

Should You Frame Canvas Prints? Here’s What To Consider

Should You Frame Canvas Prints? Here’s What To Consider

To frame or not to frame a canvas print. It’s a common question among artists, photographers, and collectors everywhere. While framing projects is an art form in and of itself, canvas prints have specific qualities that determine whether framing is appropriate.

Here’s what to consider when determining whether you should frame canvas prints.

Your Aesthetic

Before deciding whether to frame your prints, it would help to consider your aesthetic or intent with the project. Some artists and photographers select specific themes and prefer to showcase their images in ways that benefit their work.

For instance, you may gravitate toward a minimalist style exhibit, so hanging your canvas prints in their natural state without all the bells and whistles would be best.

On the other hand, a photographer displaying a vintage-style project may want to incorporate framed images to channel a traditional look.

Stretched vs. Unstretched

Another aspect to consider is whether you prefer stretched or unstretched canvases, but it helps to know the difference between them. Stretched canvases extend over stretcher bars and use the excess fabric to hold the material in place.

Unstretched canvas art prints, also known as rolled canvases, are prints that have yet to go through the stretching process. You can keep the prints the same way or add them to a frame.

Benefits of Framed Canvas

Framed canvas prints have a refined and polished appearance that can subconsciously affect the viewer’s perception.

The gap between canvas and frame is intentional, thus resulting in a floating illusion within the frame. This simple effect gives a fascinating, ethereal, three-dimensional presentation!

Benefits of Unframed Canvas

Sometimes an unframed canvas is the best option to consider when working with larger spaces! An unframed canvas print can command the viewer’s attention and make a statement.

Displaying an unframed canvas print allows the viewer to focus on the subject without having additional contrast to detract from the work.

So should you frame canvas prints? Short answer: it depends! Whether you frame your prints is at your discretion; while unframed canvas pieces exude a minimalist style, those who favor a traditional, completed appearance may gravitate toward framing pieces.

At The Stackhouse, we use museum-quality canvas and inks to provide high-quality, loose canvas prints. For more information on our practices, please visit our webpage!

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