We use a combination of scanning or photographing to digitizing original artwork for high-quality reproductions (giclee), archival purposes, or online use. We provide a high-quality option for artwork reproduction that suits everyone from the amateur to the professional.


The Process

Whether you want to print your own or reproductions or have a professional printing company make them, you will require a high-quality digital file.

  1. We use a combination of digital cameras, scanners, and high-quality lights to digitize the original artwork and create a large Master file.
  2. We then edit and color correct the file using the latest computer software to ensure an accurate final version to the artist’s specifications.
  3. After editing a proof is printed onto our Hot Press Bright fine art paper.
  4. The final file is delivered once the proof is approved.

Digital Image of Original Artwork – $20 per square foot

We use the above process when an artist wants to reproduce an original piece of art. These reproductions are called Giclees. We photograph or scan the original with a color corrected workflow to ensure accurate color for your prints. We then print an 8″ x 10″ proof on our Hot Press Bright fine art paper. All of our digital captures (scans) include the following.

  • Digital Capture Master file (tif) along with two smaller file formats (jpeg)
  • Color Correction
  • Cropping and Spot Removal
  • 8” x 10” Proof on Hot Press Bright
  • Dropbox Delivery


A Note on Accuracy:

Every giclee printer attempts to match your work accurately, but depending on equipment, types of inks, and papers, it is not always possible to achieve a 100% match. This is often the case when attempting to reproduce onto a media that is different than the original. For example, trying to print an original oil painting onto a Fine Art Textured paper. In this instance, the range of the colors created by the inks used in the printing process might not precisely match the colors that can be formed by the oil paints used in the original. They are entirely different compounds and have different characteristics. Please keep in mind that the goal is to create a sell-able reproduction that is an accurate representation of your original. We will do whatever we can to help achieve this goal.