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April 22, 2016
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January 27, 2022

Image Export Settings

Here you will find basic file export settings for most scenarios

General Image Settings




General Image Settings

Here are our preferred settings for 90-95% of the jobs we print for. Our shop uses an RGB workflow and we prefer the adobeRGB(1998) color profile be used and embedded whenever possible.

File Type: JPEG – Although TIF is better quality file format, a JPEG is more than sufficient for most jobs. Also, the file size makes them much more manageable.

Color Profile:  AdobeRGB(1998) – If you don’t have adobeRGB as an option, sRGB is good enough in most instances.

Resolution: 150-360 pixels per inch – We need a native resolution of at least 150 pixels per inch and at most 360 pixels per inch. This is before any resampling or enlarging. Meaning, this is the resolution that comes straight from the scanner or the camera.

File Size: Under 100mb – Our website has a limit of 100mb for file uploads. Orders with files larger than 100mb must be handled via email using a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Contact us for more info.

Adobe Lightroom Classic


Lightroom is an incredibly powerful editing tool and file management catalog. We use it daily in our workflow and highly recommend it to any serious artist or photographer.

Below is a screenshot of our Export Page when we are exporting a file for print.

Shows the export settings we recommend for Adobe Lightroom

The most important part of the settings window is going to be the file settings section. You want to have your file settings set to the options below.

This image details the specific image export settings needed for our system.

If you aren’t using Adobe Products yet, then a good starting point would be their Photography Plan. For $9.99 you get access to both Lightroom and Photoshop. Click on the link below for more info.