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Things To Know About Solid Border vs. Mirror Border Printing
January 19, 2023
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5 Reasons Why Photographers Should Print Their Photos
February 1, 2023

How a Textured Finish Can Enhance Your Artwork

How a Textured Finish Can Enhance Your Artwork

Physical prints of your artwork offer a different perspective than digital renditions. There are many benefits to recreating your artwork through reproductions, including the ability to customize them with textured finishes. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of texture in artwork and how these finishes can enhance your reproductions.

Adds Depth

Many artists use texture in their prints for the same reason they paint or use texture in their mediums—it provides depth and adds interest. The addition of texture through the canvas and other surfaces provides an extra layer of depth for the eye to follow. This allows you to highlight the focal points of your pieces. Some artists even apply paint and other mediums directly to their art prints to add more depth and texture to the reproductions. Consider using textured materials, such as canvas or cold press watercolor paper, during the printing process if you want to add more depth.

Provides a Professional Appearance

Museums, art galleries, and other professional art display venues often display original canvas works and reproductions of fine art prints. Because this style is common in museums, using the same textured canvas and fine art materials can add a professional appearance to your pieces. If you painted your original work on canvas or textured paper, a textured print will provide a sense of authenticity even to reproductions. This can be valuable to fans who want their own copy of your work but can’t afford the steeper price attached to the original.

Prevents Glare

If you plan to hang art prints throughout your home or in a gallery, you can choose a textured material to enhance its display value. Textured materials, such as canvas, cold press paper, and more, provide an extra layer of protection against glare. The textured material reduces the effects of glare from natural and artificial light. You can also choose different finishes for your work and prints to combat glare. For example, you can select a matte coating instead of a glossy finish.

If you’re considering selling reproductions of your own artwork, remember the benefits of textured finishes and how they can enhance your work. When you’re looking for fine art printing services that offer textured prints and finishes, choose The Stackhouse. Our specialty giclee printing services can incorporate a variety of finishes and materials to help highlight your artwork.

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