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April 29, 2016
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November 21, 2021

Lingo 101: Digital Capture


A digital capture is when we digitize original artwork for reproduction or archival purposes.



Digital captures are primarily used to create files that are used in the print making process. Almost all print studios are digital in nature and require a digital file to make their print from. A secondary use is for archival and cataloging purposes. These files can also be used on the web in a portfolio or e-commerce platform.



  1. At the Stackhouse we use a combination of digital cameras, scanners, and high quality lights to digitize the original artwork and create the digital file.
  2. We then edit the rough file using the latest computer software to ensure a color correct final version to the artist’s specifications.
  3. After editing we print a sample proof on one of our high quality papers to show the final quality of the file.
  4.  Once the proof is approved the final file is delivered to the artist.

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