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April 22, 2016

Getting Started

Explore The Stackhouse's comprehensive guide on getting started with their premium printing services. Learn about different print options, including Giclee Prints, Canvas Prints, and Photo Prints. Discover how to select the perfect product for your artwork and the importance of proper sizing and border options. Get practical tips on submitting your artwork for printing, caring for your prints, and understanding the production and shipping process. Let The Stackhouse help you bring your artistic vision to life with their expertise and high-quality printing services.
September 12, 2022

Tips for Starting a Successful Art Print Business

Starting an art print business can be a lucrative venture for artists looking to monetize their work. By focusing on developing a unique artistic style, choosing the right marketplace, setting up an e-commerce shop, and utilizing social media, artists can successfully sell their art prints online. High-quality photography, offering different print options, and building a strong brand identity are also essential factors in creating a successful art print business.
November 9, 2022

5 Great Ways To Display Your Giclee Prints

Discover five great ways to display your giclee prints and reach a wider audience. From framing your prints to building a website and working with galleries, these techniques will help showcase your craft. Entering art competitions and leveraging social media are also effective strategies to increase brand exposure. Trust the professionals at The Stackhouse for exceptional fine art printing that ensures phenomenal prints every time.
March 23, 2023

5 Tips for Correctly Pricing Your Art Prints

Pricing your art prints correctly is a delicate balance between various factors. This blog post outlines five essential tips for artists on pricing their work, encompassing understanding your costs, researching the market, considering your reputation and experience, assessing edition sizes, and remaining flexible with your pricing strategy. Adapt and reevaluate your pricing as you grow and evolve in the art world.
October 19, 2023

Mastering Aspect Ratios: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Art Prints

Unveil the mysteries of "Aspect Ratio" in our latest guide, where design terminologies and concepts are simplified, enhancing your image presentation artistry. Dive into various aspect ratios such as 2:3, common in photography, and ideal for both portraits and landscapes. Explore the 3:4 ratio, prevalent in digital photography, balancing and enhancing the visual narrative. The 4:5 ratio, slightly more square, offers an impeccable composition, especially for portraits and artwork. Also, discover the symmetry of the square ratio, the expansiveness of the panoramic, and the uniqueness of custom ratios. With a nuanced understanding of these ratios, tailor your artwork for optimized visual appeal and narrative integrity, ensuring each piece resonates with storytelling and emotive prowess.