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July 18, 2022
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July 21, 2022
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3 Ways To Prevent Canvas Prints From Fading

3 Ways To Prevent Canvas Prints From Fading

Canvas prints are sleek, attractive, and timeless. Their flair and texture can add to a home’s picture wall or establish or elevate a photographer’s work in an exhibit. With the help of an inkjet printer, you can bring photos to life and keep them forever.

However, forever can feel like a long time to prints that undergo deterioration caused by the conditions of their environments. In this blog, you’ll learn three ways to prevent canvas prints from fading.

Keep Canvas Away From Humid, Damp Environments

Excessively humid environments are never favorable conditions to keep fragile assets, and your canvas prints are no different. It might be tempting to hang your perfect print in a damp environment like your bathroom.

However, tiny water molecules from either backsplash or steam production during a hot shower absorb in the print, interacting with the ink. To avoid print degradation, avoid placing canvas prints in bathrooms, above sinks, or above stoves.

Avoid Placing Canvas in Direct Sunlight

Like most crafts, canvas prints are negatively affected by direct sunlight. The sunlight reacts with color through natural ultraviolet rays in an effect known as “photolysis.”

As exposure remains consistent, the rays will continuously break down chemical bonds responsible for color development, ultimately resulting in a less vivid print that you cannot correct.

You can mitigate the risk of photolysis by hanging your canvas print in an area away from windows, skylights, and other sources of sunlight. You may also want to avoid exposure to fluorescent lighting for its similar effects.

Keep Canvas Away From Extreme Heat

Heaters, fireplaces, or other heat-generating devices can subject canvas prints to extreme heat conditions impacting overall image quality over time.

This consistent exposure can result in damage that includes fading and encompassing deterioration. When exposed to extreme heat, your canvas print can warp or split.

Sealing Prints

Here’s a pro tip: it helps to seal your canvas prints with a giclee gloss coating to protect them from outside elements. This sealer acts as a varnish that protects the ink and canvas, making the print impenetrable to UV rays.

Know how to prevent canvas prints from fading so you can treasure priceless moments and artwork for years to come. When seeking added protection for your prints, consider contacting us at The Stackhouse. We offer custom rolled canvas prints so you can transport your images without the damage.